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Precise Predictive Search

Predictive search uses a powerful algorithm to predict a user’s search query. By providing matching documents and suggestions, users are empowered to quickly locate key information by utilizing names, titles, and tags.

Save and Repeat Regular Searches

Global Search allows users to save regular or reoccurring searches, including any advanced filter requirements. Saved searches are easily accessible and provide instant access to the most up-to-date search data.

Full Content Search

Users are often looking for more than just document titles, and global search has the power to deliver results based on post content and comments. The search is completely comprehensive, enabling users to search for updates, posts and any other MangoApps content they have access to.

Advanced Search Filters

With the power to search based on user, team, date, or hashtags, advanced search filters give users the ability to filter inquiries any way they need. Advanced filters support complex AND/OR operations and custom fields are automatically available as filter choices.

Search By Document Text

Detailed text search abilities let users search for specific words or phrases found within the text, rather than just tags and titles, making it easy to find information inside documents, files, posts, wikis, update and more.

Additional Global Search Features

Detailed Category Search
Users have the ability to search for content by project, group, department, or other specific categories, helping create faster, narrower, and more relevant results.
Inverse Search
Users can also search for information using inverse or ‘NOT’ searches, helping them find content easier when specific information is vague, or they know better what they are not looking for.

How Our Customers Use Global Search

  1. 1
    Complete comprehensive searches throughout all of the info stored in MangoApps
  2. 2
    Search deep in documents or context to find relevant files
  3. 3
    Easily access up-to-date and current data by saving regularly conducted searches
  4. 4
    Find answers faster with advanced search features and by searching for specific phrases
  5. 5
    Conduct searches specific to individuals, teams, hashtags, or by date

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