Problem #1

Difficult to share company-wide news & updates

  • Not all employees have emails
  • Messages get lost among hundreds of other emails
  • No way to embed multimedia or make it visually appealing
  • No way to create engagement (comments, likes)
  • No consolidated view of past news and updates
  • No way to reliably track views, request signatures or acknowledgements
  • Creating and keeping targeted email group membership up-to-date is error-prone and costly
Effectively share news and updates using Posts

Mango posts is the better way to create and share engaging updates with the entire company, a department or a team

Organize company-wide information and resources effectively

Mango sites and libraries are the new way to create and organize company-wide information and resources

Problem #2

Information & company resources are hard to find

  • Company information is spread over multiple tools and systems
  • Content is hard to update so it doesn't get updated
  • No way to track what employees are looking for
  • No automation and governance to ensure periodic reviews
  • No built-in support for multiple languages so we can’t support a global employee-base
  • Resource libraries are often hard to create and properly organize
Problem #3

Finding employees based on expertise, location & other important fields is impossible

  • There is no central employee directory and many offices have their own in excel spreadsheets
  • Directory has incomplete or outdated information
  • Our company directory is not available while mobile or remote
  • Our company organization chart is always out of date
  • There is no profile information in the company directory
  • No way to see recent hires or work anniversaries
Powerful employee directory

Powerful employee directory helps you easily define custom profile fields and allow users to search many different ways

Replace emails and meetings with MangoApps

Replace emails and meetings with quick updates, private messages and powerful workspaces

Problem #4

Too many emails & meetings leave no time for work

  • Email is not quick enough to have a good conversation
  • Reply all to large group mails causes unnecessary flooding of inboxes
  • As you can only see messages you’ve been included on, email creates pockets of blackholes and a closed company culture
  • Getting responses and resolving issues over email takes forever
  • We have too many status meetings just to keep everyone on the same page
Problem #5

No centralized knowledge base to reference

  • Information is spread across many tools making it time-consuming to find
  • It is hard to tell what information is current and what is outdated
  • There is no way to learn about new information that got created
  • There is no concept of content ranking, popularity, authority
  • There is no mechanism for content to be periodically reviewed for accuracy
  • There is no mechanism to request new knowledge bases
Create easily searchable knowledge base

Capture and organize knowledge in posts, documents, wikis and collaborative notes

Easy mobile, remote and work from home access

Native mobile applications for iOS and Android provide rich access to almost everything MangoApps offers

Problem #6

Outdated systems don't allow mobile & remote access

  • Very few things we need are accessible from mobile
  • Even if something is accessible, the user experience is outdated
  • No one app brings everything together while I am on the go
  • Not being able to do things while mobile makes everything slow
Problem #7

Employee training & onboarding is difficult

  • New employee onboarding is inefficient and involves a lot of steps
  • Every time a new employee joins we have to start from scratch
  • There is not a good place to encourage continuous learning
  • Training required for compliance with laws and company policies is hard to maintain and track
Employee training made easy

An integrated learning management system makes training and compliance simple and streamlined

Automated and Flexible Workflows

Powerful trackers and digital workflow engine allows you to create flexible workflows without requiring any special knowledge

Problem #8

Manual paper-pushing makes everything move too slow

  • Too many paper forms to fill out for everyday workflows
  • Getting approvals for things takes forever
  • I can't even do simple things like request a vacation day online
  • Reliance on email for approvals slows the business to a crawl
  • I can’t find who is in and who is out of the office
Problem #9

Too many tools and they cost too much to license & support

  • Licensing costs for various tools add up quickly
  • Seems like many of the tools do similar things causing confusion
  • There are a lot of inefficiencies as we keep duplicating work from one tool to another
  • Supporting, training and upgrading users on all these tools take over
  • Our company data is all over the place creating security risks
  • User experience across tools is all over the map
Replace many tools with MangoApps

MangoApps costs 80+% less and gives you the flexibility to enable just what you need

Company digital hub

Create a branded digital hub that brings company-wide resources and tools together in a powerful dashboard

Problem #10

There is no one place that we can call our company’s digital home

  • I have to check 10 different tools to just get started with my day
  • We constantly have to login and switch between different apps and tabs
  • Departments like HR and IT keep getting phone calls asking the same questions, over and over
  • No one place brings everything together
  • Lack of a central company app leaves employees feeling disorganized
  • Without a company app, it’s very difficult to create a consistent and differentiated experience for your employees
Problem #11

Hard to communicate & collaborate with my project team

  • There is no centralized project site for the project team to work together
  • Projects frequently fall behind because of missed communication
  • Seeing all the conversations about a project requires going through endless email chains
  • We had a hard time keeping clients and partners on track with their to-do items
  • There were a lot of holes in our communication which lead to projects being lost in the shuffle and/or not done on time
  • We tried everything from email, spreadsheets, Asana, Trello, Slack, Jira, MS projects, Monday, nothing worked well
Flexible project workspaces

Flexible project workspaces enable easy team collaboration and real-time communication ensuring project success

Employee engagement, Rewards and Recognition made easy

Build your company's culture with all the tools you need to engage and recognize your employees

Problem #12

Employee engagement and alignment with the company is lacking

  • There is no way to recognize colleagues for going above & beyond
  • We don’t seem to have a culture of celebrating team success
  • Our employee surveys have nothing to do with my role at the company
  • We don’t celebrate holidays and personal milestones as a company or a team

These workplace problems have a large negative impact on business

Frustrated Employees & Low Company Morale
Workplace inefficiencies can be felt across the board. Employees feel frustrated, leading to low satisfaction, engagement, and performance.
Inefficiencies Cause Revenue Loss of 20 to 30%
According to the research firm IDC, inefficiency costs companies anywhere from 20% to 30% of their revenue every year

How MangoApps Helps

Ask yourself, how do you do these tasks, across different offices, at your company today? Chances are you use email and a plethora of siloed tools to muddle through these and other similar tasks every day. There is a better way!

World's Most Advanced Digital Workplace Platform

MangoApps solves these workplace needs by providing a single system for company-wide employee communication and collaboration.

In-fact, we founded MangoApps on this very idea. Now, over a decade later, we have helped 100s of enterprises around the world realize significant increases in employee productivity, engagement, and satisfaction.

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