Most businesses suffer from the same basic set of problems

Poor Team Communication

Poor communication results in confusion, conflict and extra work

Missed Tasks & Deadlines

Spread out information and conversations result in missing important tasks and work items

Duplication of Effort

Tools from different vendors don't work together causing duplication of effort and information

Information is Hard to Find

Up-to-date documents and other important information are hard to find when you need them

Data is all Over the Place

Numerous day to day tools result in information and data being scattered in too many places

High Cost of Tools

Licensing costs for various tools add up quickly and becomes a major expense

Poor Mobile Access

Accessing needed information and tools while on the go is challenging

Security & Policy Issues

Managing security, compliance and company policies across many tools are challenging

Lack of Training/Support

Training and supporting employees on many separate tools are time-consuming and difficult

These workplace problems have a huge negative impact

Inefficiencies Cause Revenue Loss of 20 to 30%

According to the research firm IDC, as reported in Entrepreneur, inefficiency costs companies anywhere from 20% to 30% of their revenue every year

Wasted time & Reduced Quality

Time spent waiting is time lost forever. Reduced work quality impacts everyone, including employees and customers.

Frustrated Employees & Low Company Morale

Workplace inefficiencies can be felt across the board. Employees feel frustrated, leading to low satisfaction, engagement, and performance.

MangoApps solves these problems by providing all the five stages of a digital workplace in one platform

10 times better than siloed tools

    Unified Workplace Platform

    Seamless, Organized Experience
  • One place to find, connect & learn
  • Fully accessible from mobile
  • Company knowledge in one place
  • High Adoption & Increased Productivity
  • Promotes collaborative, open culture
  • Fast & efficient sharing in real-time
  • Clear tool purpose, little to no training
  • Inexpensive to Buy, Deploy & Maintain
  • Easy, point-click, administration
  • Secure & auditable
  • Easy extensibility & customization
  • Save more money by replacing other licenses

    Siloed Tools

    Frustrating User Experience
  • No central place to go to find, connect, learn
  • Company knowledge is all over
  • Inconsistent mobile access
  • Low Employee Engagement & Usage
  • Promotes non-collaborative, meeting-happy, culture
  • Leads to waiting-around for email & info hoarding
  • Many tool related confusion & chaos
  • Expensive to Buy, Deploy & Maintain
  • Difficult to administer & manage
  • Spotty security & auditability
  • Expensive to customize
  • License costs add-up quickly

Drive engagement and efficiency

Overall Productivity Gains
Increase in Engagement
Reduction in Turnover Costs
Faster to Find Information

Average results across our customers measured using built-in Analytics & ROI calculator

Designed from the ground up for a mobile and distributed workforce

"For the last 12+ years, we have had a remote workforce, and MangoApps is explicitly built to enable work from anywhere. The work we do is critical to companies around the world, and we’re committed to being there when our customers and colleagues need us most."

Anup Kejriwal
Founder and CEO, MangoApps

"Technology can be the key differentiator for your business in empowering remote employees. Collaboration centered technology allows companies to keep everyone involved at the same pace despite differences in time zones, regions and availability."

Vishwa Malhotra
Co-founder and CTO, MangoApps

"Remote work is beneficial for both employers and employees if you know how to implement and manage it right. At MangoApps, we provide companies with the tools and resources they need to make remote work successful for everyone."

Patrick Allman
SVP, Sales

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