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Tatts Group Video Case Study


Tatts Group, an Australia-based non-casino gambling company with 3,500 employees, had an outdated intranet solution that limited their collaboration and information sharing capabilities.

Thus, Tatts Group began to look for a universal solution that would provide them with a centralized source of communication for all of their employees. After evaluating multiple intranet solutions, Tatts Group chose MangoApps due to its customizable apps and mobile capabilities.

In this video, you will learn how Tatts Group used MangoApps to:

  1. Connect employees across the globe
  2. Run the platform without the help of their technology team
  3. Participate in real-time communication and collaboration

Full video transcript:

Carolyn Prendergast, Head of Corporate Comms:

“Tatts Group is Australia’s largest non-casino gambling company. We operate three major divisions. That’s wagering, lotteries, and gaming. We’ve got three and a half thousand staff at Tatts Group, about two and a half thousand of those are based here in Australia, spread out across every state and territory of Australia. The majority are in Brisbane, but we have significant numbers, I think there’s in the region of about 400 in Victoria, probably another 300 in New South Wales. We also have about 800 based over in the UK.”

Amanda Beh, Internal Comms Specialist:

“I use MangoApps every day, so I log on to my computer, I open my email, I open my folders and I open MangoApps just to see what’s happening throughout the day. I have been checking it on my email when I’m out of the office, when I’m offsite, and when I’m in meetings. It’s mobile. It means that I can access information whenever I need to. One of the brilliant things is I answered my manager’s phone the other day and it was a call from a member of the public who was wanting to get hold of lotteries. I didn’t have their number on me, so I went on to MangoApps. I found their page on MangoApps.

It listed their out-of-office hours contact center, number and I could give it to the customer straight away. It’s really simple to create pages in MangoApps. It’s simply add a new page. It gives you the box to create the heading. It gives you the box to create the text. It gives you set layouts and with that, the best part is that it’s already pre-programmed with our font, with our headings, with our color scheme, so I don’t have to worry about HTML code or anything like that. As someone who is pretty good with a Word document, it’s easy to use.”

Carolyn Prendergast, Head of Corporate Comms:

“People will come in the morning and will have turned MangoApps on the first thing, as soon as they get to their desk. The majority of our staff that are office based, obviously they’d be accessing from their desktop, but we also know right now people access their emails from home, so on their mobile devices. And given that we’ll have our own customized MangoApps app, that we can use for staff, we’ll be hoping that a lot of people will be logging on at home as well.

The collaboration space is obviously the clear favorite. They absolutely love the groups and the projects. The fact that they can have all their content and information in one area and work on it together. File accessibility has been a major plus. Prior to our previous intranet, we had extreme difficulties accessing that externally from the network. Having access to all of your files anywhere that you like, has been a massive bonus.”

Ashleigh Loughnan, Executive GM:

“We needed to communicate more, so we’ve got people everywhere across Australia and in the UK. We’ve got a lot of people that aren’t sitting at a desk in front of a computer. We really needed something, a platform by which we could communicate with those people, it doesn’t matter where they are or what device they’re using.”

Carolyn Prendergast, Head of Corporate Comms:

“There are a number of challenges that we had. We have a very big and diverse workforce. A lot of them are not based in the office, and anybody who was outside of the office simply couldn’t get onto the intranet. We couldn’t do any real-time communication. It also meant that over time we were stopping using the intranet as a communication tool. We basically were starting to rely more instead on email because we knew that kind of communication could get through.

We had ongoing other usage issues as well. Simple tasks like uploading a video could take up to 10 days to test on the old internet. That really stopped us. If we had something new and exciting, we wanted to announce right now with a video, we simply couldn’t do it. Our new CEO, when he came in three years ago, one of the first things that he identified that he needs to do was to break down the silos. Prior to his start back in 2013, the company really was operating in a number of different silos and not integrating or collaborating in any shape or form. What we really needed was a communication tool that would enable us to share information not only top down but horizontally as well.”

Amanda Beh, Internal Comms Specialist:

“MangoApps is about bringing all of our team members together, with one communication channel that will reach everyone. That includes our office-based team members, as well as we have a lot of field-based team members, people who work out on race tracks or people who work out in the field, or technicians on the road. And it provides a platform where everyone can have the same communication in the palm of their hand. I like the fact that the intranet or MangoApps doesn’t sit within corporate communications. It is owned by the business. Each team is responsible for their own content, updating it, engaging their own staff, posting notes, and replying to feedback. And it means that people are taking ownership of their own content and their own messages.”

Carolyn Prendergast, Head of Corporate Comms:

“For our initial searches, we identified probably five that we thought were interesting. We then did further analysis on each of those to look at what usability they had, and what features they offered, and then we narrowed that down to about a further three. Once we had three in mind, we then organized walkthroughs with each of the vendors and then from that stage then took it to the next stage, was obviously getting pricing and from there, right from the beginning, MangoApps had the upper hand for us. It was the one that offered everything that we needed with some very interesting features and certainly at the price that we found that was very appetizing.

The MangoApps team was fantastic. Obviously, once we had selected MangoApps as the preferred software provider from an operational point of view, we then needed to hand it over to our IT team. There was a lot, obviously, in the Comms team, we can’t do that kind of technical assessment, so we relied on our IT team to interact with the MangoApps team to make sure that it could work with our systems and from all accounts, working too with the MangoApps team was fantastic.

We loved all of the features that MangoApps had. It certainly forced us to think about using an intranet in a new way, but we found they’re exciting. We loved some of the extra features, the things like Tiny Take and Huddle, the fact that we could customize our own apps, and then ultimately, the pricing was extremely competitive. We looked at a number of other products that had similar features and modules, but the price was just extraordinarily higher, much higher.”

Ashleigh Loughnan, Executive GM:

“We had a whole bunch of functionality that we needed to get out of the product. Mobile was very key to us. Being able to access the system external to our network was also super important to us. We looked at all of the vendors on that front. Overarching all of that though was being able to run the platform without having to have heavy technology involvement with… We’ve got an incredible technology team, but they should be focused on our revenue-generating systems and not on our intranet, that’s not what we are good at. We really wanted a system where we could operate it and the Comms team and the people team and even the business users could set up pages and maintain all of the data themselves, so that was the really important thing for us, and MangoApps ticked all those boxes.”

Brad Townsend, Solutions Architect:

“MangoApps pretty much out of the box, were able to meet all the requirements. The product allows for Tatts employees to communicate in collaboration to individuals, and groups, all holistically with the whole of Tatts Group, and it’s a breeze on any form factor and the search functionality makes finding any content, an absolute breeze as well.”

Ashleigh Loughnan, Executive GM:

“Projects and groups I think are fantastic. Being able to pull together smaller groups of people interested in the same topic and being able to collaborate on certain pieces is really cool for us, I think. And also being able to communicate with people without them having to sit in front of a computer or go home and use their own computer, being able to look at things on their mobile device and see absolutely everything is so key to us. It’s a really simple tool to use. It’s very customizable, but you don’t need to put a lot of customization into it, it is ready to go out of the box, if that’s what you choose to do. The support is fantastic. We’ve found that any issues we’ve raised or anything we didn’t understand has always been attended to really quickly, which has been fantastic. And it is a really easy tool to roll out with as much or as little effort as you choose to put into it.”

Amanda Beh, Internal Comms Specialist:

“I think a lot of people will get used out of the groups pages and the projects pages, so it’s a way of people coming together, creating their own hubs, collaborating together, sharing information easily and immediately. And I think most people will probably get a lot of benefit out of that. MangoApps is easy to use. If you can use Facebook, you can use MangoApps. It’s quite intuitive as you work through things. It’s really difficult to break. I haven’t broken it yet. None of our team members have broken it yet. You can sort of just get on there, have a play with it, and you sort of finding your own way through, it’s easy to use.”

Antony Moore, Head of Retail for Lotteries:

“Personally, the thing I like the most is the fact that I can get to my files wherever and whenever I am, that flexibility is fantastic. The ability to access those files remotely is going to be huge, so we’re talking to a retailer or even individually. The second thing is using the collaboration tool where we can either collaborate in one document rather than circulating it by email to update, or we can actually collaborate on a news wall to share ideas and work through that way is going to be a whole lot more productive and certainly more nimble.”

Brad Townsend, Solutions Architect:

“Take something like Facebook, add a fully featured messaging tool, some video conferencing, document sharing, static web content, put it on steroids, and you’ve got yourself MangoApps.”

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