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MangoApps ROI Report


Deep dive into the ROI of MangoApps Digital Work Hub

This report examines MangoApps’ wide breadth of functionality through the lens of evaluating the returns our customers see on the investment of working with us.

We have quantified these results across the following areas:

  1. Reducing reliance on email
  2. Improving the speed with which people find information
  3. Consolidating your tech stack
  4. Improving knowledge transfer and reducing duplicated work
  5. Reducing onboarding and training costs
  6. Reducing strain on IT
  7. Digitizing and automating business processes
  8. Creating a culture of sharing and empowerment

Although it’s difficult to measure the effects of a wholesale change to the way information flows through your team, we have used a mix of rigorous analysis and references to industry research to lay out a compelling case.

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