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Engage With Your Deskless Workers

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Deskless workers make up 80% of the workforce, yet only 22% feel their job is important to the company vision. This is a pretty extreme divide, and research indicates that it stems from lacking both communication from leadership and technological enablement.

This essential, straightforward guide will tackle your questions about the relationship between deskless workers, technology, and leadership, such as:

  1. Why are deskless workers hard to reach, and how is this affecting my bottom line?
  2. Is it worth the investment to enable them with better technology?
  3. What communication strategies can I use to promote better engagement among deskless workers?

The answers to these questions will give you a fundamental understanding of how deskless workers want to be reached and why it’s important, as well as arm you with data and strategies that will inform your decision-making.

Download this whitepaper to get up to speed about the conversations many companies are having today about how to better reach and engage with their deskless workers.