Mobile Information Hub For Any Workforce

MangoApps for mobile team collaboration offers the same powerful Intranet for non-desk employees as the ones who are in front of their PC. This provides a smart and easy-to-use information layer that connects multiple sources of news and information across the company.

News Feed and More For Mobile Employees

MangoApps brings team collaboration modules and features to any employee on the go. These employees get access to the news feed, private messages, projects, groups, and everything else the desktop users have access to.

Custom Status For Recent Activity

Setting a custom status is a great and unobtrusive way to let co-workers back in the office know any users current status on-the-road, without pushing a post or notification back to them.

Reach All Employees

Reach out to all employees, not just information workers. News Feed aggregates all information and updates from across an employee’s teams, on one screen, so they are always in the loop no matter where they are.

Replace Email For Private Messaging

Create focused one-to-one and one-to-few conversations directly from MangoApps mobile app. No need to remember email addresses, or wade through the distractions of an email inbox. Users send private messages from their mobile app to any employee, even a frontline or production worker with no email address.

Communicate and Manage Tasks On-The-Go

Work across multiple projects, and keep tasks in check by monitoring them in the mobile app. Share an update, ask a question, run a poll, or chat while getting tasks down. Anyone away from their desk remains connected and productive from anywhere.

Content Accessible Anywhere, Anytime

Easily access work documents, presentations, and photos while on the go. Get to files when offline by quickly saving files for offline access so they are always available as needed. Users easily view the same files on mobile as they would on the desktop.

Real-Time Instant Messaging

MangoApps for mobile is the fastest way to be in touch with employees and chat with them, no matter where they are, across any device. It lets users quickly and securely connect with colleagues and teams to get the answers they need to get work done.

Share Posts With Multiple Teams

Users can include/cc multiple project groups, groups, or departments when sharing a new team post from the mobile app. This will notify all those mentioned in the post, and provide them with visibility of the others included in the communication.

Attach Files To News Feed and Chat

Mobile users can attach files from their iPhone or Android device to any update, post, private message or IM. On iOS 11 and latest versions of Android, multiple files can be attached at a time.

Additional Mobile Intranet and Collaboration Features

Branded Mobile App
Like web, get your company branded mobile apps on iPad, iPhone and Android. Choose to distribute it via the Public App Store / Play Store or register for Apple's enterprise developer program and then distribute the apps via an internal channel. Learn more about Customization and Branding
Enabling a Secure Mobile Experience
Lost or stolen? No worries, your data is still protected. Remotely logout a user and delete MangoApps application data on a lost or stolen devices. Further enforce all employees to set a secure PIN and with all communication from any device being encrypted over HTTPS, your company's confidential information is safe.
Keeping Departments In Sync
Department feeds, posts, pages, files, and are accessible, no matter where the user is. Reach all department employees to ensure engagement and acknowledgement of important updates and more.
Mobile Employee Directory
Secure employee directory that helps any user find the right people in the company, regardless of when they need them or from where.
Push Notifications On Mobile
Give users higher control on how to be notified on mobile, helping the app best suit their needs. Learn more about Push Notifications
Celebrate Important Dates
Never miss birthdays, holidays, and other important company events and dates with helpful mobile notifications.
Ask Questions, Get Answers
MangoApps questions module is available for use on iOS and Android devices. Users can ask questions, provide answers or view/filter responses as they browse.
Give Recognition To Colleagues
Recognize employees, supervisors, teams, or colleges right from the mobile app. Endorse others for their strengths, while bringing each employee’s contributions to life. The awards are chosen from a pre-defined list of categories, include an image, and personal message.

How Our Customers Use Mobile Intranet and Collaboration

  1. 1
    Give employees access to all of the tools and information on MangoApps from anywhere, anytime.
  2. 2
    Increase the exposure and engagement of content or anything important by ensuring a more global reach.
  3. 3
    Track tasks and important assignments on-the-go
  4. 4
    Keep employees in sync with each other, with immediate access to email replacing messages or chat.
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