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Case Study

Enabling A Faster, More Efficient Team

Our team members now use MangoApps as the jumping-off point to get to all the tools they need to do their jobs. Our decision to set up our intranet with that functionality in mind was very deliberate, and our setup has worked remarkably well.
- Debra Helwig, Senior Internal Communications Manager

K·Coe Isom Case Study

K·Coe Isom is a top 100 accounting firm specializing in the food and agriculture industry, with about 450 employees spread all over the US.
In early 2019, the firm began an extensive search for a new solution that would allow them to take a more modern approach to internal communication and knowledge management. They demoed 14 different intranet platforms—every provider they could find—and in the end chose MangoApps as a result of the platform’s flexible design and the MangoApps team’s focus on customer service.
In this case study, you will learn how K·Coe Isom uses MangoApps to:
1.Keep a growing record of their activities and build a useful repository of company knowledge and information
2.Reduce reliance on email for collaboration, boosting productivity and visibility
3.Bring all of their employee resources into a single dashboard, making things more convenient and reducing confusion
And more!
Download this case study to get a better understanding of how MangoApps helped K·Coe Isom transform the way they communicate, collaborate, and share information.
Enabling A Faster, More Efficient Team

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More Quotes From K·Coe Isom Case Study
"Because we had MangoApps, we had a place to put all the critical [Covid-19] information our employees needed. As a huge plus, it was available outside of our server environment, over the internet, on a cellphone."
Debra Helwig, Senior Internal Communications Manager
"With MangoApps, we have an indisputable firmwide record of what initiatives we’re engaged in and when they take place. This is helpful not just to hold us accountable in the moment, but also to create an archive that demonstrates long-term how well we are remaining accountable to our mission and vision."
Debra Helwig, Senior Internal Communications Manager