Establish & drive effective training

How do you continually train, mentor & comply with employee certification requirements? Whether it is to onboard a new employee or mandatory compliance training for employees, Mango LMS is a modern learning management system that makes training & learning simple at enterprise scale.

The Old Way

Wordy training manuals, endless conference room meetings, and confusing email chains

The Mango Way

A single comprehensive and engaging learning environment that seamlessly integrates with other employee tools

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The Best Learning Software For...

Employee Orientation and Onboarding

Employee, Customer and Partner Training

Knowledge Capture and Retention

Mandatory Compliance Training for Employees

Goal-Oriented Learning for Employee Growth

Implementing Mentorship Programs

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Features you Need

Course Management: A complete set of course management features makes it easy for you to create & manage training lessons.

Learner Portal & Delivery: Our learning portal is personalized for each user and makes it easy to signup and track progress.

Customizable Assessments: Built-in quiz and survey designers make it easy to build assessments and tests.

Certification Management: Rich certification capabilities make it easy to create & track certification requirements.

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