Establish & drive effective training

How do you continually train, mentor & comply with employee certification requirements? Whether it is to onboard a new employee or mandatory compliance training for employees, Mango LMS is a modern learning management system that makes training & learning simple at enterprise scale.

The Old Way

Wordy training manuals, endless conference room meetings, and confusing email chains

The Mango Way

A single comprehensive and engaging learning environment that seamlessly integrates with other employee tools

The Best Learning Software For...

Employee Orientation and Onboarding

Employee, Customer and Partner Training

Knowledge Capture and Retention

Mandatory Compliance Training for Employees

Goal-Oriented Learning for Employee Growth

Implementing Mentorship Programs

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Features you Need

Course Management: A complete set of course management features makes it easy for you to create & manage training lessons.

Learner Portal & Delivery: Our learning portal is personalized for each user and makes it easy to signup and track progress.

Customizable Assessments: Built-in quiz and survey designers make it easy to build assessments and tests.

Certification Management: Rich certification capabilities make it easy to create & track certification requirements.

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