Webpage Builder

MangoApps Rich Text Pages are designed to house media of every kind and are the perfect place to store important content or regularly referenced information for projects, groups, departments, or any other type of team.

  • Add reference guides, built an FAQ, provide resources, or store any other kind of content your team needs
  • Use out-of-the-box layouts and themes to display static or unchanging content in a visually engaging way
  • Utilize a wide variety of widgets to build dynamic pages with changing or regularly updated information
  • Expand your global communication and collaboration abilities with multilingual static or dynamic pages

Webpage Builder

Easily Create A Unique Page

Use customizable templates and widgets to quickly create and modify a page to fit your unique needs.

  • Quickly customize your page by using 'drag and drop' widgets
  • Save 'star' page templates and re-use them to create new microsites
  • No coding skills required

Create Static Pages

Use pre-established layouts and themes to provide consistent and unchanging content to every user.

Webpage Builder

Create Dynamic Pages

Use widgets to provide ever-changing information that’s unique to each user, like personal task lists, or team information that changes often, like team goals.

Save And Store Content

Make finding resources reliable and straightforward with a go-to place for employees where they can reference FAQ’s, forms, and other important team information.

Multilingual Pages

Stay prepared for any unexpected communication needs by providing static and dynamic team pages in almost any language.

Easy Administration

Pages are easy to set up and maintain with helpful page templates, quick content creation, and publishing abilities.

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