Create Static Pages

Static pages use pre-established layouts and themes to provide consistent and unchanging content to every user. These pages can contain plain text, images, multimedia designs or even videos but the content will not change unless manually edited by an admin or page creator.

Create Dynamic Pages

Dynamic pages utilize widgets and display content that changes regularly. These pages can provide information unique to each user, like personal task lists, or team information that changes often, like team goals. Dynamic pages update often without being edited by an admin.

Save and Store Content

Team pages provide a go-to place for reference guides, FAQ’s, forms and other important and regularly used team information. Team pages make finding resources reliable and straightforward and help team members stay self-sufficient and productive.

Multilingual Pages

Admins can provide both static and dynamic team pages in almost any language. Multilingual pages help companies stay prepared for any unexpected communication needs and are, of course, necessary if team members speak another language or if there are legal translation requirements.

Additional Team Pages Features

Easy Administration
Both static and dynamic team pages are easy to set up and simple to maintain with helpful page templates, a straightforward editing interface, and quick content creation and publishing abilities.
Simple Navigation
Team pages are easy to navigate and are a centralized space for important team information, helping teams find the content they need without providing distractions to other employees.
Indexed and Searchable
Content inside team pages are automatically indexed after page updates making all of the information searchable, easy to find and up-to-date.
Never Lose Changes
Team pages track and save every edit made to them, allowing admins to see and compare different version and restore old or accidentally removed information.

How Our Customers Use Team Pages

  1. 1
    Use static pages to share important and generally unchanging team information
  2. 2
    Keep team members informed of regularly changing content with dynamic pages
  3. 3
    Organize and store content without cluttering newsfeed or distracting other employees
  4. 4
    Effortlessly and reliably translate content into additional languages

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