Online Forms

MangoApps Online Forms help anyone record, collect, and analyze company information. From collecting expense reports to updating project details, forms are the best way to make the most of important information.

  • Start creating right away with over a dozen different templates customized to meet your exact needs
  • Allow users to upload files or media content with their response for even more descriptive details
  • Keep your form’s results organized and easy to find with comprehensive and searchable data trackers
  • Share forms with people inside or outside the organization with a simple share link or embedded code
  • See information as soon as it’s posted with customized tracker notifications and updates in real time
Online Forms

Safe & Secure Data Collection

Streamline the collection of business data, requests, and feedback with forms.

  • Turn paper-based forms electronic, making them accessible in MangoApps
  • Data is stored in a powerful, secure database, never leaving your MangoApps environment
  • Automate manual workflows, and improve your business output

Automate Your Business Workflows

Collect information from forms and populate it into interactive, automated spreadsheets.

  • Search, share, modify, or use the data in a number of ways
  • Data can be imported into the tracker from Excel, Google Sheets, Forms, or a CSV
  • Permissions can be applied to determine who can edit/view the tracker
Online Forms

Customizable Fields

Quickly create forms from scratch with the online form designer. Set rules, design forms, and reorder fields with a simple drag and drop.

Quickly Create Forms With Templates

Quickly create forms by choosing from a number of templates with predefined fields. Users can customize field options or add additional fields, making the possibilities endless.

Collect Documents & File Attachments

Users can upload documents, photos, and other media with the form. This makes it easy to include a receipt image for an expense report, attach a resume for an employee referral form, and more.

Instant Notifications

Teams and businesses are notified and able to quickly react to requests, approvals, and review data submissions as they are gathered.

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