Seamlessly collaborate on projects

Promote transparency and efficiency by introducing collaboration to team workspaces.


Get projects across the
finish line

Efficiently collaborating across a dispersed workforce is tough when you don’t have the right tools. With MangoApps, collaboration is made simple, so projects always cross the finish line.

  • Connect staff from any location—be it the sales floor, a desk, or on the road—with digital workspaces, eliminating the need for back-and-forth emails.

  • Promote innovation & idea sharing with real-time updates.

  • Create transparent workflows & to-do lists using deadlines & calendars, keeping every team member on track and in the know.

Digital work hub project environment


Work together on projects 

Create searchable, task-oriented team workspaces for consolidated collaboration.

  • Invite guest users, such as customers or partners, to keep collaboration efforts secure.

  • Control visibility to ensure sensitive project data doesn’t leave the team. 

  • Easily find information and resources within your workspace with a deep Search function.


Stay on the same page

Real-time, prioritized updates keep team members in the loop of current statuses & progress.

  • Familiar social media-style News Feeds allow users to adapt & converse quickly.

  • Consume information and collaborate 10x faster than over email.

  • Set preferences to ensure you don’t get bombarded with unnecessary notifications.


Promote visibility with shared to-do lists

View to-do items across teams so everyone’s aware of current tasks.

  • Set reminders before/after to-do items, so deadlines are always met.

  • Keep to-do lists personal, or make them public so colleagues know what’s on your plate.

  • Ensure your to-do list is top of mind with the Action Center widget.


Know what’s on the agenda

Schedule one-off and recurring events with a centralized calendar that connects your entire workforce.

  • Reserve resources straight from the calendar to plan successful meetings.

  • Use Team calendars to track and share project progress and milestones.

  • Integrate with Outlook, Google, and iCal for robust scheduling.

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