How to Use Modern Enterprise Intranet to Create a Digital Workplace Revolution

For any business, modernization is crucial. It could be with policies, processes or practices. All this comes together with the use of Technology and digitizing your workplace.

With ever expanding office locations, departments, employee, and clientele. The need to stay connected, collaborating, communicating, and engaged has become even more essential. The last eight years have seen a massive wave of digital technology that keeps people connected socially, but in the previous five years, Enterprises have realized the need of a digital workplace through a Team Collaboration tool or Enterprise Social Intranet network.

A new Generation workforce has entered the workplace, with laptops, mobile tablets, smartphones, digital watches and the list can go on. Initially, these devices were used mainly for personal use, but recently businesses have started changing their approach. With the ever changing global environment, economic strain the need for long working hours and interconnection of offices across the globe. Has given risen to team connection and collaboration, is at the center of increased employee productivity, employee knowledge sharing & successful project management.

In this blog, we provide the framework of how a digital workplace can benefit from a Team Collaboration Software or an Intranet solution.

How seamless Collaboration Tools & Modern Enterprise Intranet leads the Digital Workplace Revolution

How seamless Collaboration Tools & Modern Enterprise Intranet leads the Digital Workplace Revolution

 The rise of the digital workplace has organizations looking deeper for a competitive advantage that increases customer service, decreases costs, increases employee retention and reduces time to develop and market new products and or services.

According to a study by Teknion, an office design firm

88 percent of companies offer their employee’s personal devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets.”
54 percent of companies say they actively use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other tools to engage their workforce, customers, and other stakeholders.
Companies report that workplace mobility programs generate bottom-line occupancy savings of as much as 30 percent.”

Collaboration tools or Social Intranet’s features like e-mail, project management, instant messaging those assist departments like HR, sales, accounts, etc. Help break down department/employee communication silos. These software platforms’ also give immediate solutions to end-users across department functions or even support to customers and vendors across locations. The key to success lies in the practical implementation of a digital workplace strategy, capable of driving actual cultural change.

How seamless Collaboration Tools & Modern Enterprise Intranet leads the Digital Workplace Revolution

How seamless Collaboration Tools & Modern Enterprise Intranet leads the Digital Workplace Revolution

Inter-department/employee communication

Intranet collaboration software’s help brings different departments and employees from across locations. Conversing and working together which otherwise would not be possible. Organizations with 100+ employees have people that know the existence of some of the other employee’s skills, culture, and personality. But because of the collaboration platform now converse on a day to day basis on various internal tasks, group activities, policy changes, project challenges, ideas and question, and answers, etc.

Cross-functional sharing of information, knowledge and best practices

One of the biggest employee productivity and time killer has been the act of researching. Sourcing the right information and time management for team collaboration software or enterprise Intranet helps create a digital workplace. Help stores then share documents and training through videos, documents, video-conferences. With a simple search for your related topic or related employee skill, e.g., video editing skills an employee can find the right information or person from across the world.

Immediate and efficient customer service

With the ability to add guest users to the collaboration or intranet platform, organization. Can add clients and vendors etc. A query can be resolved by the best resource from anywhere in the world in the quickest time possible.

Talent retention

The increase in blurring between the separation of private and work life, the employee now want technologies used in their social life to integrate with work. The same features and ease-of-use, make an employee’s day-to-day life easier to navigate. A news timeline that an Intranet or collaboration tool provides a digital workspace. That reflects all the latest news, policies, new hires, events, functions, and announcements within the organization. Collaboration helps employee engagement and increase employee interaction, which is essential for a longer duration of an employee’s tenure.

 How seamless Collaboration Tools & Modern Enterprise Intranet leads the Digital Workplace Revolution

How seamless Collaboration Tools & Modern Enterprise Intranet leads the Digital Workplace Revolution

Some of the Features of an Intranet Collaboration Software platform

  • News Feed – Company information such as business news as memos, announcements, policy changes, etc.
  • File Versioning and Co-Authoring – This feature, which is not present in Jive, really defines team collaboration and is, in fact, a SharePoint alternative. This feature gives you the ability to access the expertise of different subject matter, experts from various departments across the globe.
  • Gamification Levels & Badges – This is a one-of-a-kind feature that helps drive employee satisfaction and engagement by awarding badges based on employee activity and contribution to the organization.
  • Workflow – The ability to automate all administrative leave requests, employee appraisal reviews & evaluations, conference room & equipment booking, etc. Some facts as shown in a Deloitte Report.

Talent attraction

64% of employees would opt for a lower paying job if they could work away from the office.

Employee productivity

Organizations with active online social networks are 7% more productive than those without.

Employee satisfaction

Organizations that installed social media tools found a 20% median increase in employee satisfaction.

Employee retention

When employee engagement increases, there is a corresponding increase in employee retention by up to 87%.
All these benefits mentioned it is needless to say increases employee productivity & engagement, customer satisfaction, and overall process transformation. Which helps with the organization’s efficiency, ROI and in the end, Profits!

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