Web Collaboration Tools Help You Get Work Done Faster

Ever feel like if only you could get in touch with your colleagues faster you could finish your task faster too? With centralized collaboration tools like MangoSpring’s MangoTalk you can stop struggling to communicate when you start using our collaboration software online. You have heard it referred to as Collaborative Software, Enterprise Business Software and Business Networking Software. But what is it really? It’s a way to get your work done faster. Share thoughts and replace internal emailing with a Microblogging activity stream, Work real time with Group Instant Messaging and set up conference calls on the fly with VoIP Conference Calling. All of this and more on your own private collaboration software online.

Think about how many times you’ve gotten stuck in your work process because you are waiting for an email or because someone forgot to cc you. Have you ever duplicated efforts because the expectations were unclear or because it wasn’t documented where all team members could access the information? MangoApps was built around solving the problem of channeled email communication where only the sender and recipient are privy to message.  Our web collaboration tools aim to help small to medium businesses connect employees regardless of geographical location. Here are 10 ways web collaboration tools can help you build better teamwork and get work done faster.

web collaboration tools get work done faster
Web collaboration tools

Web Collaboration Tools Activity Stream

Getting information in usable bits is key to effective communication. Micro-blogging is a mode of online communication that has already become popular in recreational services like Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed. The core concept behind micro-blogging is short but frequent status messages that can be seen by others. In the enterprise setting, this system means that you don’t get bogged down in checking your email. Instead, you’ll get real-time updates in your feed, providing you with quick, relevant and useful information. Messages are short (1000 characters or less) status updates that tell your colleagues what you’re doing or what thinking. These updates are available in real-time to colleagues who are following you and also visible to everyone across your company. These micro-updates give everyone a sense of what their colleagues are doing and are easy to past and read.

Instant Messaging

At our core, MangoApps provides a seamless integration of real-time presence and instant messaging (IM) services. Just click on the Send IM link below the person’s picture and you can instantly initiate a one-on-one chat. IM is presence enabled, allowing you to easily see who is available and who is not.  You can also change your status to busy, letting your colleagues know that you are not available for chat and allowing you to prioritize what needs immediate attention.


Many activities in MangoApps generate feed items. You can think of a feed item like an email message but organized by topic. You can comment on any feed item that is visible to you. When you make a comment, the person who generated the feed and anyone who is following it receive a notification. This results in an open and participatory conversation in which others can join. A micro-blogging activity stream can produce amazing ideas that can easily be searched for and later reference or turned into a task to enhance or move a project forward.

Message/Feed Filters

Depending on the type of message/feed items you want to see there are multiple pre-built filters. As an example, the Inbox filter shows you relevant communication happening in the company. It has messages/comments from people you follow, projects you are part of and your private communication.  You can set these preferences so that it serves you best in your work function and needs.

Project Messages/Feeds

Sharing your work with your project members generates a feed that is visible to the team. Project messages allow relevant members to collaborate on a task, see what other project members are working on and ultimately get work done faster. Project messages promote openness within the project team which fosters a more engaged and productive team.  MangoApps allow you to collaborate on multiple levels. You can share documents, pictures and files in your Instant Messaging, Group Chat, or Micro-blogging windows. A document can be shared with all project members or an individual along with a message, comment or an IM.

Project Comments

On project team feeds any of the project members can comment, provide feedback, answer a project poll etc, Comments posted are visible to all project members. Feeds and comments keep the conversation view threaded and are time sorted to help view how the conversation progressed. You can also share documents and links within your comments to give colleagues easy access to valuable resources.  This allows you to make the most of your web collaboration tools.

Wall Feeds

Wall feeds are a big part of web collaboration tools.  They are a great way to publicly or privately say something to a colleague. It is a lot like posting on a Facebook wall except that is only accessible by company employees. All awards, gifts, and birthday wishes sent to a person automatically appear as a public wall message. Public wall messages are visible to any co-worker viewing the profile. A new wall message is pushed in real time to the person whose wall is updated and to the person’s followers.

Poll Message

Polls are ways to quickly gain information and get work done faster. These operate as messages where the creator asks for your opinion from a set of predefined choices. Polls are a great way to solicit opinions from your co-workers or to take a vote  It works as a quick way to get group collaboration without holding a meeting or holding up productivity in your web collaboration tools.

Acknowledge/Read Receipt

Acknowledge/Read Receipt messaging is a great way to ensure that confirmation that messages have been read by each of the intended recipients. Recipients simply click an Acknowledge It link for the message and an acknowledgment/read receipt will be sent with your name to the message originator. These updates are shown in real time gives accountability back to the recipient. This process is designed to help you get work done faster and gives you much more information and control than email. You’ll never have to wonder if a message has been read and received.

Email Notifications

If you wish to get some or all of your messages over email you can specify that in your preferences for email notifications. These preferences become active immediately.  By using online collaboration software you make email relevant again.  You can also transform your workplace into a place of real collaboration – no matter how spread out you may be.  You can get work done faster and more efficiently with MangoApps web collaboration tools.