Easy Ways Your Company Can Improve Social Onboarding

Onboarding is not about the company but the person who is joining. Filling out forms and reading owner’s manuals, while important is not onboarding. Onboarding is the process of helping new employees acquire the knowledge, skills, and behaviors they need to become effective members of the organization. A large part of that process mean ensuring employees know who they need to to get their job done. Good information relationships with team members is important.  Research shows that newcomers who have been able to build these information relationships with co-workers are more productive. These individuals also tend to be higher performers and are also more satisfied with their work.

Onboarding also means providing a platform to network with these key people across locations. With enterprise social networks, a new hire can not only rely on an integrated social network, but also has access to detailed social profiles that provide insights and important information about the expertise and experience of their new coworkers. Social onboarding makes it easier for new hires to strike roots and settle down.

Newcomers tend to be more anxious about their performance, more risk-averse in their decision making and more reluctant to make innovative suggestions in group meetings. The content on an organization’s social platform can be used to nurture relationships even before the new hires join.

Social Onboarding? Why not?

Often when the organizations fail to provide a social platform, employees just go and create a Facebook group for themselves! Social networks are a big hit, and with the right insight and planning, the success can be repeated with the enterprise social networks. Social onboarding does not replace face to face time, but it makes the actual time spent onboarding and orienting a candidate by HR or the team members more focused and tailored to the individual needs of the new hires. Employee gamification and the availability of resources over mobile provide additional help to the new hires to assimilate information quickly and better navigate the organization.

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