How Collaboration Software Unleashes Employee Engagement.

We have all heard the joke about the CEO who when asked how many people work in his organization, replied “Oh, about half of them,” Jokes aside, employee engagement is a serious concern for businesses today.  Recent research indicates that 4 out 5 employees are not reaching their full potential and that 4 out of 10 employees are actively disengaged at work.And employee engagement is a serious thing! Engaged employees provide competitive advantages through above-average productivity, increased customer satisfaction, and more positive impact to the bottom-line.

So what really positively engages employees? Some people believe that organizational culture, recognition received at work, and work relationships cause lasting engagement, but if you really get to the heart of it, employees want to know “Where is the company is going?”, “How does my department or team fit in?” and “How do I contribute?”

How Does Social Collaboration Software Help Employee Engagement?

Most companies today use social media to listen to, engage and communicate with customers. The same concept applies to an organization’s most important audience, its employees. Social collaboration software creates a culture of openness and trust and ensures equality and opportunity for every employee.

Every employee must feel as though they are helping the team achieve a goal. Collaboration software makes communication easy and a part of the daily work-flow. It makes leaders more approachable and gives every employee a face and a voice. It makes asking and answering questions easier and shifts internal communications toward a respectful, and trusting environment that can foster meaningful and lasting employee engagement.

With a social collaboration software leaders can easily demonstrate that questions and feedback are always welcome. It’s easier to get suggestions, ideas, and feedback from employees and help them to engage meaningfully at work. Information flows around the organization and a collaboration platform opens up a two-way communication channel, ensuring employees across the board are involved in decision making within the organization.