MangoApps can be configured with custom OAuth app for Office 365. This will enable both shared cloud Private Cloud customers also to use OAuth with O365.

O365 Apps – Custom Credentials

Obtain OAuth 2.0 credentials from the Azure Portal.


Create App

From the Azure Active Directory in your Azure portal select App registrations then the + sign for New application registration.

The Create screen will appear, please configure the selections.
1. Add the Desired name of the App
2. Application type set to Web app / API
3. Sign-on URL enter HTTPS:// replace the sample sub-domain and domain with your information.


Add redirect URIs

On the new tab Select Settings then Reply URLs, then enter the Redirect needed for your login. Copy the redirect for later.



Create Keys and Copy Them

Select Settings and select Keys. Add a description and a duration we recommend ‘never expires’


Copy App Id

Select the Registered app tab, then copy the application ID and the Object ID


MangoApps – Admin

Login to mangoapps as a Network admin and go to the admin portal > SSO on the left-hand side > OAUTH 2.0 Tab > Select Configure your own Office 365 App.

Now update the above fields with the following details:

a. Client – Applicaton ID

b. Client secret – This will be the key created in “Create Keys”, “Copy and Paste the same”

c. Redirect URLs – Fetched from the “Add redirect URLs” step above

d. Javascript origins – https://<customer’s your domain>

e. Auth URL –

f. Token URL –

Paste in the associated content into all fields, and select Save.

O365 Demo once setup is complete

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