How Customers Use The MangoApps Projects Module

Projects Module

At MangoApps, we believe in clear, helpful, and informative communication that makes understanding our products easy. We want prospective clients to perfectly visualize how MangoApps can work with them. So, we’ve put together a few examples of our popular projects module. To protect our client’s confidentiality, all business names have been withheld, but every illustration comes from a real MangoApps customer. As you read through each example, try to think about your own organization and how the MangoApps Projects Module can help you.

Collaborate On Common Goals

One of our Software as a Service (SaaS) clients uses the projects module to facilitate peer to peer collaboration throughout the organization. Our client regularly develops and updates new software and is, of course, always trying to improve their customer experience. The MangoApps Projects Module gives employees a designated space where they can communicate, brainstorm and collaborate together about specific software issues, user experience problems, or new ideas and innovations. Admins and employees can easily draw on everyone’s skills and talents and turn ideas into reality as they discuss and distribute tasks, collaborate on obstacles, share successes, communicate across teams, and stay focused and on schedule throughout the project, as everyone works together to accomplish a goal with a specific end date in mind.

Manage and Track Progress

A customer in the retail industry uses the project module during the set-up and development of brick and mortar stores. Developing and opening new retail stores is a complicated and detailed process, and many of the steps need to be completed in a specific order. Establishing a new store can also be delayed by permit setbacks, construction problems, public reception, product delays, and all kinds of other unpredictable external factors. These unexpected or uncontrollable issues usually mean quick adjustments or changed plans. The MangoApps Projects Module lets administrators outline schedules, update tasks, track progress, and communicate with employees, allowing everyone to stay up-to-date, complete new tasks on time, understand any setbacks or altered plans, and better prepare for a successful store opening.

Projects Module

Simplify Knowledge Transfer

A marketing company utilizes the project module whenever project members are transferred. This company works with several high-end clients whose marketing needs are fast-paced and incredibly flexible, and projects are often adapted as their needs change and grow. For our marketing client, regularly changing and adapting project outcomes and goals also means regularly adding or changing project members. When new employees join a marketing project they can easily access client information and previous project history through the MangoApps Project Module’s searchable history. This helps new members get up to speed without taking time away from other project members, allowing the marketing company to quickly react to changing client needs and develop fast and effective marketing solutions.

Protect Sensitive Assignments

An HR client of ours often has to handle coworker disagreements, worker’s compensation claims, disability accommodations, harassment and discrimination reports, and other sensitive assignments that need to be discussed confidentially and resolved discreetly. The MangoApps Projects Module allows the HR team to create hidden or secret projects, where only invited members can see that the project exists and view or contribute to its contents. This gives the HR team and other invited company members a safe, secure and confidential place to share and discuss relevant details and create any necessary tasks or action items. Secret and hidden projects allow HR members to address important issues effectively and professionally while still maintaining confidentiality and encouraging a happy and productive company culture.

Projects Module

Manage Specific Modules

An athletic club uses projects to share specific schedules, organize sports teams and manage different training modules. Club members can participate in different sports teams and tournaments throughout the year, and every team has different team members, practice times, training routines, and even tournament schedules. The MangoApps Projects Module gives coaches, trainers, and other admins a designated space for their team where they can communicate updates, include helpful information and activate additional module features like home workouts, player stats, practice schedules or tournament brackets that might not be needed in other areas of MangoApps. This helps athletes throughout the club get the most out of their membership and stay on top of their training with the unique and specific modules they need.

MangoApps products are designed to be personalized, and we love to see how companies use them to fit their different needs. We are always excited to work with our client and are dedicated to helping them communicate and collaborate more effectively and achieve greater success. We hope that a few examples of how our clients use the MangoApps Projects Module have offered some context and helped you see how it can benefit your own business. To learn more about MangoApps or the projects module, schedule a personalized demo with us today.