5 Ways Task Management Tools Can Create A Detailed Project Schedule

Collaboration tools or social intranets are some of the most important elements of small business software. Online task management tool software offers solutions to the common question of how to best manage tasks.  Afterall, poor task management leads to increased risk for poor communication, poor use of employee expertise and resources, overspending and worst of all, failed project and task execution. So naturally, using an online task management tool is essential for good businesses. Using a task management tool allows you to create a detailed project and task schedules and helps keep track of the life cycle of each task to see it from idea to action to completion. Here are 5 ways that our project and task management tools can help you create a detailed project schedule.

Establish the Executors

As you establish the goal of your project you’ll then decide who is responsible for executing the associated tasks, who the project manager is and who is on the project team.  Using a project and task management tool allows you to create a project group where all tasks and surrounding communication can be captured in one easy place. This allows everyone to stay on the same page and to develop tasks and insight in one central area.  As each task is assigned and as the project changes and evolves, you can easily re-open, reassign, or delete tasks as needed. Team members will be notified in real-time of any updates or changes made.

Detail Task Outlines

Once you are ready to establish the specific tasks that it will take to meet your project goals, you can begin assigning tasks in your task management tool. Using an online task management tool as part of small business software it is easy to create tasks with detailed notes and documents. You can also outline who is responsible who what task and how each task should be performed. This makes it clear who is responsible for what and becomes a quick reference if questions arise.

Task Management Tools - 5 Ways to Create A Detailed Project Schedule

Establish Priorities

Use your Online task management tool to establish the priority of the task. Is it due today, tomorrow, sometime soon?   If your task is dependent on the completion of another team member’s task, you can change the priority at any time and adapt the task’s role in the project completion.  Everyone in the project team is notified in real-time.

Assign and Re-assign as Needed

Small business software for project and task management tools makes it easy to adapt a task status.  When you get into a task you may soon realize that it really needs to be broken into multiple tasks. With online task management tools, you can easily create a new task within in a project group and also re-open or re-assign existing task.  All changes are made in real-time so all stakeholders are kept up to date preventing duplicate efforts or confusion surrounding current status.

Recieve Quick Feedback

Perhaps the biggest part of using any online task management tool to create a detailed project schedule is that you can instantly solicit feedback from project members.  With microblogging, chat and instant messaging, you can easily post comments and questions to help you stay on track.  When you create an environment of open communication, you can incorporate change much faster, adapt timelines and goals and stay on track because your questions are more readily answered.  With your task management tool, these threads are archived and become searchable.

Creating a detailed project schedule doesn’t have to be difficult.  With the collaboration abilities of online task management tool, it is easy to manage projects and tasks better.  MangoTasks task management tool is software for small businesses with big innovation. It’s the easiest way to break down tasks, stay on top of their progress, manage their adaptations and communicate effectively. Task Management Tools