How To Successful Utilize Your Workplace Intranet

What To Do 

Accelerate Your Work

A lot of us face roadblockS while trying to search for a document within a file, folder, wiki or a post in our company Intranet. We might spend hours wading through a sea of content just to find that one piece of missing text that could bring the whole puzzle together. Every time you set out to search for something, it is a distraction from your chain of thought, which results in the precious loss of productivity.

Your company’s Social Intranet helps you leverage the power of the Search function and can help you stop struggling and spending hours just looking for information. The search function lets you use the search bar to locate that important piece of information within wikis, files, blogs, posts, etc. The predictive function within the search bar also organizes your search categories into files, folders, wikis, etc.

If you are still unable to find what you are looking for you, have the option to use the advanced search feature to conduct a deeper search.

In most companies, departments & teams must work together. Every day there are countless instances where you need the help of a co-worker who could be on the other side of the world. Use the Enterprise Instant Messaging feature to find co-workers in real time and have all conversations archived & searchable.

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Reduced Meetings

Numerous studies conclude meetings are one of the most unproductive and time-consuming activities for employees. In the U.S alone we have been held hostage by an estimated 25 Million meetings and over $37 Billion is wasted on unproductive meetings, it’s not that every meeting is a waste of time, but rather that meetings are overused and often unnecessary.

For most of us scheduling a meeting or finding a conference room available more than once a week can be taxing, to say the least. The exchange of multiple emails to fix a date can prove to be costly as a lot of issues’ can go unanswered and decisions pending.

Make use of the company Intranet Calendar which will help you avoid sending out emails to get everyone to reserve a date and time. Your Calendar lets a few people view each other’s calendar and give you the freedom of comparing and highlighting a few free slots to schedule that meeting.

A mobile employee gets access to the news feed, private messages, projects, groups and more, these are the modules and features you need to get your work done faster and on the go. You don’t need to be connected to your desktop to share an update, ask a question, do a poll, or chat to get a job done.

company intranet Take control of your productivity with reduced meetings

Track Project Work 

It has become the norm for organizations to have a Project Management platform. Your collaboration tool should have an in-built project management feature, and through functions like folders, blogs, trackers, calendars, etc. You can stay on top of your work with better planning, organization, and execution.

Folders will help keep all your project files organized. The Project feature will also allow you to share folders and files within your project. With many players involved in most projects, you have the ability to set permission levels for active project members, and for everyone else limited access to specific projects.

The Blog section within Projects is a great way for you to share project-related news, informational updates and reports with specific teams in your company. To keep things interesting and more engaging, you can also share information through video, graphics, and images.

Use the Project calendar to plan and start events and milestones even sales demos and invite members from inside or outside your project. You can also keep track of project trainings or meeting date and times.

Use Trackers to coordinate or track your list of requests and submissions and Pages to share project vision, processes, and plans.  You do not need version control any longer and get loose the stress of losing emails.

Ask Questions

To truly become a master in your field you must ask as many questions as often as possible, but many of us might find this a daunting task because we tend to shy away from asking questions in public or meetings or sometimes just in general. We fear what the boss or co-worker might think it could also draw too much attention, or sometimes we feel its just, not a good enough question.

Questions help create a sense of connection. Foster engagement so that when the person finds the query of interest, he or she would automatically help with the answer. To ask and answer questions on a public forum also helps increase confidence and importantly learn something new.

Sometimes too many cooks can make something excellent. Get more than one person to answer a problem and get a variety of opinions from across verticals and locations.

With the freedom of asking anything from anyone in the company, the dependence on email becomes less. We all battle with a similar problem far too often; searching for an email which can take an eternity to find.

You can also take control of the Question feature by quickly finding the people you need based on expertise, skills and the upvote’s given to them by team members for previous correct answers.

Aim to become a top contributor or influencer by earning reputation points and getting ranked on the team collaboration portal. Ask questions around topics, internal processes, projects, products or any other query that can help with a work-related matter.

Share Insights

91% of us spend more than 30 hours a week with colleagues and at work
Share your experiences to help team members. With or without a collaboration platform you must share, contribute, help and participate in and around activities and tasks within the organization.

With a company intranet, Newsfeed it’s easy now to share trending content or write on a recent news piece that has generated a lot of buzz within the company, customer or department. You can also contribute by creating a poll or ask a question, give an idea or create a group on a hobby, mutual interest or anything that can create chatter and healthy conversation work related.

Your involvement is equal to your commitment to the organization. Feel deeper commitment to your organization or department objectives by being more involved and by offering input and making decisions that affect can success and help you get recognized fuel your growth.

Create value by sharing insights and more friends at work through your company intranet

Express Gratitude

A culture that promotes identifying and endorsing people who work hard and are the top contributors in the workplace makes for a better work environment. You can contribute through the identification of top performers and influencers and endorse them for their strengths if this becomes a practice image the motivation you get when someone recognizes your efforts in return.

You can also gift options such as; custom badge, official recognition, office gift, project team recognition and morale booster to team members for any particular initiative, activity or any contribution made.

The leaderboards section highlights the top influencers and contributors in your company and an employee profile page highlights the awards received.

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Gain Support 

The Idea Management feature is your chance to innovate and come up with and share new ideas that could be associated with market trends, internal opportunities or personal suggestions.

If you are someone that needs to spend hours researching on a product or topic for support, this can be an ideal way of getting the information you need on the go.

You can create campaigns with start and end dates, tag experts you think can help get this information to market faster. What really makes things interesting is if your idea turns into a project and you can then view the whole process with all the functions available within projects.

What are the top Don’ts?

Don’t Replace face-to-face communication

If you want to be part of a successful team, communication must be the backbone that drives this force. While technology has started taking over the way we live and work in the digital workplace should never replace human interaction. Collaboration tools and all other applications should always remain as a support mechanism. A digital workplace is critical to effective communications, but it should never replace face-to-face communications. Great relationships can only be created through hours of face-to-face discussions & understanding.

What Face-to-Face meetings accomplish:

No Misunderstanding – while communicating through a company Intranet the lack of visual contact and misinterpretation of discussions increase. Facial expression, body movements and other signs help while meeting someone face-to-face, this allows one to understand what a colleague, customer or boss is trying to communicate which helps reduce misunderstandings.

Body gestures – Body language plays a huge part in any communication, it is not always about the tone of your voice or the facial expression. Body gestures, movement of hands also make a big difference in understating what an individual is trying to communicate which at most times is lost over a collaboration tool, phone or even video conference.

Increases Engagement & Participation –  Engagement & Participation increases significantly when you are in the same room. On a collaboration software or over a call the presenter is not able to see if the group he is addressing is attentive, present or engaging. In person when a conversation is falling on deaf ears, the presenter can quickly backtrack or change the topic and grasp the listener’s attention. When people are face-to-face, it encourages people to participate and reply at a much quicker level.


Don’t Post Anything Inappropriate

Don’ts mainly comes down to professionalism and ethics two things any one of us working in any organization should acknowledge, of course, there is always a thin line, and hopefully, we will try and clear out a few of them here.

Firstly, remember nothing on the company Intranet or the Internet is private but everything is permanent.
Everyone in your organization has access to your profile and any information you share on the collaboration tool. Your supervisors, colleagues, HR, and peers everyone can see your activity.

What you write and post matters and whatever you say has consequences;

A picture is worth a thousand words. It might be fun to post pictures during a party on Facebook or Twitter, but to post that on a group or a private message on your company Intranet can only lead to explanations and issues later as the group admin always has a possibility to check that at a later stage.

If there is a conversation which has created a lot of passion amongst you and other team members do not post or respond in anger; stop, take a few breaths, and think about what and how you want to reply.

Try avoiding posting photos, references to or evidence of shenanigans in work hours or within the workplace.

At all costs try and keep your posts positive; profanity, racist or sexist comments have no place on any platform let alone your companies intranet.

Concentrate on the Quality of Content

Increased Clarity & Transparency – Anything that you post on the company Intranet needs to be clear and transparent for your team members to understand and to respond to. Paying attention to details and always re-checking what you are about to curate and post is always recommended. For, e.g., someone in the HR needs to be through if they are about to announce new policies and procedures, the last thing you would want is to get it wrong. Or if the Accounts would like to update the company on a new Tax-break or a significant change the message should be very clear to avoid a costly misunderstanding.

Consistency – When you communicate news to staff members on a consistent basis, they know what to expect instead of being thrown curveballs throughout the week. On the other hand, inconsistently-reported news can be difficult to follow and often lacks the “punch” that managers and team members are looking for.

Skip Nonessential News –  If you think about it, just about anything can constitute as news or could be created into a post when spun properly. A lot of information would not count as being truly essential for your employees, so it is important to skip nonessential news. This is especially true if your newsfeed is already congested with information from everyone, as anything that doesn’t absolutely need to be there should be avoided. Think about the message you want to deliver and the audience you want it to effect.

Create Engaging and Informative News – Believe it or not, it’s possible to make even the most exciting news seem dull and boring if you don’t take the right approach in presenting it. Creating engaging news posts is certainly a learned skill, and it can take a bit of trial and error to create a “post” that will break through the monotony of the workweek and truly reach out to your team members. Just as articles and blog posts need to be well-crafted to be of any noticeable effect, so does a news post or announcement!

Mention Events Occurring Outside of the Company – As you might expect, your company intranet newsfeed is a perfect platform for announcing and discussing company-centric events, at the same time industry related events which occur outside your office which can be attended by your team members or peers.

Use it as a platform for a discussion or to gain feedback from staff members.
You can expect to communicate not just one specific type of news via your company intranet, but many. These can include messages from the CEO, updates about the company or company policy, and your company product or services related changes, among many other options. If it counts as being news-worthy, your company intranet is the perfect place to talk about it.

Use your collaboration platform for posting updates about a team or sharing insights from the group intended for a larger audience around the organization. It could also be writing your profile or a project profile.

Don’t give Negative Feedback or vent your feelings

Don’t use the collaboration tool to provide negative feedback as it can come across as demoralizing and nonconstructive. Negative feedback should be delivered as a dialogue and more with a face-to-face meeting as important points can be put across more personally, on a collaboration tool the emotional touch, body language, etc. can get lost which can give a wrong message to your team members.

It always makes a greater impact if you give feedback in a written format, some individuals need a personal message which is specifically tailored for them, and some can do with a generalized one where the whole team is addressed.

Feedback from team members and company intranet members can be worth its weight in gold, yet it’s unbelievable how many “higher-ups” overlook the importance of displaying it. There will be plenty of times when feedback is given naturally, but at times you can also just ask for it.  It could be simply asking community members to weigh in on a piece of news, gaining feedback, on a completed project or activity outside one’s job role.

Do not vent your frustration by gossiping about your colleagues or boss or workplace on the collaboration software either. Unless it’s clearly positive that there is no chance it could be misconstrued as sarcastic, negative or offensive. Don’t try to be funny, when it relates to your work, your customers or your colleagues.