5 Reasons to Use Mobile Project Management

Let’s face it, project management software isn’t everyone’s favorite company tool.  However, a lot of this is because traditional task and project management tools have not evolved along with other applications on the web 2.0 and enterprise 2.0 space.  While these web interfaces can be improved to create a better user experience, it is the emergence of mobile with project management tools that will help drive greater adoption and depth of use of project management software.  Here are 5 changes we can expect to see from mobile project management.

Real-Time Communication

Mobile project management provides instant access and enables real-time communication between team members, project managers, and stakeholders.  You no longer need to wait for a meeting to get the latest information. Instead, just access the project from anywhere and get what you need.  The move to real-time for business communication software is a huge change, but as it is embraced it welcomed, it will transform our ability to work smarter and work more efficiently.

Instant Status Updates

The ever popular status meeting is soon to be a thing of the past. Instead, by building an open culture around how team members communicate their task and project status, the project status is known before you even have to ask.  Mobile project management tools provide the instant capability to keep everyone informed and to reduce communication breakdowns that can hamper success.

Time Tracking

No one likes it, but it’s how the world work.  Project Managers and business owners need to understand how time is being spent on project activities.  The challenge is that no one likes to enter time into a task management system, or more likely, they forget to enter their time.  Mobile project management can help change that by making it easy for project members to enter time on tasks or projects, either as they complete the task or late on a Friday night when they realize they forgot.

Connecting with Colleagues

While we are in the office and around the project team it is easy to make a connection, get some information, or anything else work related that needs to be done.  It is when we are out of the office, away from everyone that we always seem to need “that person’s number.”  With mobile capabilities layered on a project management system, access to the people you really need can be quick and easy. You’ll never have to call around and try to find how to get a hold of that key resource to get something done.

Stakeholder Engagement

Finally, beyond the project team, you have a series of stakeholder that often exist outside of the company. These people typically only get face to face or crafted emails to stay in touch with the project.  In some situations, they may receive access to the web interface, but it just becomes another complicated system to learn.  With mobile access to project management solutions, the focus is on ease of use and quick access to the information that matters most.  Usually, within just a couple taps of the screen, you can see where a project stands and even provide comments of your own.

Mobile project management has the opportunity to really shake up how projects interact and engage with the project management system.  By making it easily accessible, easy to use and easy to interact, overall engagement in the project will improve and projects have a much better chance of being successful.