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The Why, What and Who

Collaboration is difficult using legacy software

Over the last two decades, needs of workers and workplace has evolved. The current set of communication and collaboration tools (e.g. email, File-shares, etc.) are outdated, restrict information distribution, create silos and are the exact opposite of what is needed to effectively work together in this decade.

Our unified platform makes collaboration easy and fast

From the very beginning, our goal with MangoApps was to bring as profound a change in how we collaborate as email did almost 25 years ago. We wanted MangoApps to be a place where employees could not only talk about work, but do work! Our goal was to make work life easy by providing a single tool employees could use through-out the day for all their communication and collaboration needs.

Company Intranet, Real-Time Messaging, Team Collaboration Tools, and Employee Social Networking
Our customers use MangoApps to:
  • Create a centralized source of truth for critical company information
  • Make employees feel more connected regardless of function, location, tenure, or other aspects
  • Help employees find each other and take advantage of one another's expertise regardless of their location
  • Empower new employees with the information they need to be successful from their first day
  • Standardize how employees communicate using instant messaging, group chat & private messaging
  • Share and Collaborate on projects using team workspaces
  • Stay connected with Smart-phones & Tablets

After years of hard work, investments and product iterations, MangoApps takes a giant step towards this goal. MangoApps combines traditional Intranet features (like structured publishing) with team collaboration and social networking making it the only product to provide a complete collaboration solution.

Leadership @ MangoApps

We've spent the past 8 years building and refining private, secure social networks for companies. We are fortunate to have had a front row seat to this evolution of the workplace and have been helping companies around the world improve communication and collaboration across teams, departments and geographies. We love doing what we do, and excited to help businesses realize the benefits of their own social platform.

MangoApps Leadership Team
Isha Subhedar
Director, Server Engineering
MangoApps Leadership Team
Kiran Puranik
Director, Client Engineering
MangoApps Leadership Team
Anjali Ghadge
MangoApps Leadership Team
Ashish Agarwal
VP, Products
MangoApps Leadership Team
Patrick Allman
EVP, Sales
MangoApps Leadership Team
Vishwa Malhotra
CTO & Co-founder
MangoApps Leadership Team
Anup Kejriwal
CEO & Founder

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