UI Widgets in MangoApps are a set of admin-controlled elements that can be customized as Right-Side menu items and Start Screen content. The UI Widgets described in this article include:

Start Page

The Start Page is a startup dialog box which is shown to users when they log into MangoApps. The start page shows Announcements, Updates or any useful link configured by Domain Admin. Here’s what a start page could look like:

To configure the Start Page UI Widget,

  • Go to Admin Portal
  • Select “Domain” from Primary navigation and  then “Startup Dialog” from secondary navigation on the left

From this screen, a Domain Admin can enable/disable this widget, Rename the Title of this Widget can choose when the widget should populate.

Admin can also choose to show “Announcements” in this widget or not.
An Admin can also decide to whether show the Custom Content or not and it can be enabled and disabled from the same “Start Up Dialog” screen


Announcement Widget

Domain Admins or Intranet Admins can easily update the entire domain with an announcement visible in one or more of the following places:

  • The Home Page “Announcements” Widget, which can be placed for any Team page.
  • The body of the Start Page (if enabled).
  • The “Company News” Page, this is where all Full Company Posts reside including the announcements and must-read items.
  • The “Announcement Widget” You can also place the announcement widget in the sidebar as well as on any team dynamic page.

Please note that “Must Read” has the same Widget options, with the exception of startup page. A Must Read can require acknowledgments whereas Announcements can have an auto expire. A Post can be both an Announcement and a Must Read to have the benefits of both.

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