My Notes is a quick way to jot down something that needs to be remembered and have that information always available to you from your MangoApps cloud. My Notes topics that will be discussed in this article include:

How can I get to My Notes in MangoApps?

To get started with My Notes:

Select “Notes” from the left navigation bar in MangoApps.



Is there a widget that can be added to the right-side menu?

Yes, the My Notes widget shows a listing of your notes that stays visible while you’re in MangoApps. To enable the widget in your right-side menu:

  1. Click “Widgets” on the right hand side and select the small gear icon to select “Widget Gallery”.
  2. Scroll down to find “Notes” and click the + sign to add the widget.

How can I use the My Notes sidebar widget?

The sidebar widget can:

    1. Show you your list of notes from the dropdown menu.
    2. Show you some text from the current note that is selected in the list.
    3. Be expanded or collapsed to save space.
    4. Add a new note.



Can I format the notes that I take in MangoApps?

Yes, while composing a note, you can use the familiar WYSIWIG toolbar to add bold, italic, underlined and colored text and other formatting to your note.

Can I print out all my notes?

Yes, you can create a PDF document of all your notes. With the PDF you can attach it to communications or print it out. To create a PDF, click the Adobe Acrobat icon on the Notes page.


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