How to Create Recurring Events in Mangoapps?

MangoApps allows users to create Recurring Events inside the calendar and in projects. This helps when planning events that need to occur more than once, such as daily or weekly meetings, training, appointments, or workshops.
Recurring events helps users being notified of repeated tasks.
Below are the steps how you can create Recurring Events in MangoApps.
1. Click […]

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How Can Admin Change Start Date of the Week in Mangoapps?

Based on the country, location and demographics of where the company/organization is based out of, the Start Date of the Week may be different for different companies. The network admin can configure the start date of the work week for your company. MangoApps calendar will adjust itself and start the week from the day configured.
Navigate to Admin […]

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How to Create Holiday/important Events in Mangoapps?

The company may want to share company holidays and certain important Dates(company events) to all the network users of the portal. This can be achieved from the admin portal.
Steps to create Holiday/Important event in MangoApps:
1. Go to the Admin portal
2. Navigate to Domain > Holidays

3. Click on ‘Add New Holiday’

4. Add the details of the holiday/Important […]

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Using Events

MangoApps Calendars and Events allows users to schedule their daily work agenda meetings with their colleagues.
With MangoApps Calendar, users can now quickly schedule meetings, setup team events, plan company events and create appointments. For all the events you create you get reminders, so you always know what’s next.
MangoApps events are an easy way to invite […]

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