MangoApps is made up of many modules that integrate very well with each other to make a single Collaboration Suite. What if you don’t want certain functionality? How can you turn that off, and how does turning off one module affect the others, or does it? Some modules only remove their own functionality, and some remove that functionality from other modules like Events can remove the Calendar from Groups and Projects as well, where Tasks do not affect Project tasks if removed. Below you will find how to remove the modules and the table at the bottom will show you how it may affect others.

How to Add or Remove Domain Level Modules

From the Admin portal you can find the “Modules” menu in the left navigation bar. You can add, remove full modules or in the case of Applications, individual parts of a module. This is core structure of your domain and determine overall functionality. Removing a modules does NOT remove the content, so feel free to experiment. The table below also shows you how certain modules will affect the team work space modules.

  1. Admin portal >  Modules > Module set up

2. Getting Started Wizard via Help


Feature Comparison Matrix

Below is a matrix showing the features and modules available to Groups, Projects, and Intranet Departments. Also it will show what will happen to your team spaces if the module is removed. This could help make your decision on when to use each one. If there are additional questions about specific areas, please email us with questions.

Removing the Module will affect team workspaces like this
Module Module Functionality Groups Projects Departments
Departments Departments are a great way to have focused discussions among a team. Removes Departments O Removes “Related Departments”
Microblogging Ability to share short updates or ask questions with all your followers. O O O
 Projects Projects are a great way to have focused discussions among a team. O Removes Projects Removes “Related Projects”
Groups Groups are a great way to have focused discussions among a team. Removes Groups O Removes “Related Groups”
Tasks Top-level tasks list for all Personal tasks and overview of your Project Tasks. O O O
Events Create and manage events including meeting, training, trips and parties. Removes Events Module Removes Events and Milestones Modules Removes Events Module
Ideas Place to post ideas, vote, get comments and gather feedback. O O O
Files Library Top-level File Module to see ALL files together in one place. Removes Files Overview Module Removes Files Overview Module Removes File Overview Module
Wikis Top-level Wikis tied to Groups, Projects and Departments. Removes Wikis Module Removes Wikis Module Removes Wikis Module
Applications Social Apps and Custom Apps are used to increase participation. O O O
Media Gallery Media Gallery is a great way to make images, videos & audios available to everyone in your company. O O O

O = Does not affect team’s functionality.

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