How Can I Update Profile Image in Mangoapps?

First impressions count; we all know this. Perhaps in person, your charm and use of language can camouflage your faults, but in the online world your first impression is made with your face – your profile picture
Below are the steps to update your MangoApps Profile picture on different platforms-

click on the arrow next to your […]

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How Do I Reset or Change My Password?

Forgotten Password
From the Login screen of the MangoApps Web Client, click on the “Forgot Password?” link under the password box in the Login form.
Clicking “Forgot Password?” on the MangoApps Web Client Login screen takes you to the below screen;
Follow these steps to complete the reset password process.

Enter you MangoApps email ID in the “Email ID” section […]

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How Do I Stop Receiving Marketing Emails from Mangoapps?

You are receiving marketing emails because you are an admin or the creator of a MangoApps domain. MangoApps sends out marketing emails from time to time to promote new features, assist with Getting Started, and make company announcments that would pertain to MangoApps customers. To stop receiving marketing emails, you can choose to cancel your […]

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How Can I Upload or Change the Photo That Appears Next to My Name?

You can change your profile picture in MangoApps by uploading a picture from your computer. To get to your own Profile Page:

Click on the arrow pointing down next to your name on the top right -> “View My Profile” feature
Hover over your profile picture and click “Change Photo”.
Find and choose your new profile photo on […]

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How Can Users Turn on or off Email Notifications?

Users can navigate to change their notification settings from the top-right side “Your Name” -> “Change My Settings”
Select “Email” from the left navigation.
From the list of check boxes, users can turn off or on the email notifications they would like to receive. Additionally, Administrators of the domain can initially configure the email notifications that will be […]

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How Can I Scale, Crop, and Center My Profile Picture?

Your profile picture can be created from any size image by using the scale, crop, and center functionality in MangoApps. To get started:

Find the image on your computer and remember the path so you can find it again in MangoApps.
Click on the arrow next to your name in the upper-right corner and choose “View my […]

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How Do I Sign out of All Mangoapps Sessions at Once?

To sign out of all MangoApps session except one:

Log into you MangoApps domain using the Web Client.
Click on your name from the top right corner then click on “Sign Out from all Other Sessions” as in this screenshot:

The result is that you will remain signed in to exactly one MangoApps, the web client that you are using […]

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How Can I Set Up Email Notifications in Mangoapps?

Email notifications are an easy way to notify users about activities happening in MangoApps. User can choose when do they want to be notified.
To change your email notification settings, click on the arrow pointing downwards next to your name on the top right and choose “Change My Settings” to open the settings page.

You will see […]

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Who Should I Follow in Mangoapps?

Follow the people you most often communicate with in your organization AND the people that may post a communication that affects your job function.
It’s also a “Best Practice Recommendation” that you ask the same people that you follow to follow you.
To follow a colleague, choose “People” from the left navigation bar and then click on […]

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