How Do I Reopen a Project Task?

Project Tasks can easily be re-opened by:

Click on “Projects” from the left hand navigation.
Choose the project that the task that you want to re-open belongs.
Click on “Tasks” in the within the respective project
Click on “Views” -> “All Completed Tasks” from the drop down.
Click on the “Reopen” action button from the “All Completed” list.

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How Can I Find the Unassigned Tasks for My Projects?

Unassigned tasks for each project can be filtered on the “Task” tab for that project. To filter to the unassigned tasks for any project:

Click on the “Projects” from the left hand navigation.
Click on the respective Project from the list
Click on the “Tasks” sub-tab for that project
Choose the “Filters” -> “Tasks by Status” -> “Show only Not […]

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How Can I Re-open a Completed Task in Mangotasks?

Closed tasks can easily be re-opened, follow steps here for each Stage:
Each one you will need to be in the Tasks Module and Select the Task you need to revert.
Responsible Person
1. Started Tasks.
Change the View to My or ALL Pending Tasks.
You can click the drop down and Select “Revert to New” to chang it back to “Not […]

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How Do I Add a Note to a Task when I Deliver a Task?

When you Finish or deliver a task, you have the opportunity to add a note that can help colleagues understand how the task was completed. Adding a note is optional but may be helpful if the steps to complete the task are not obvious.

For more information on tasks go to the Using Tasks article.

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What Should I Type in the “notes” Section of a New Task?

Commonly, more detail about the task is typed into the “Notes” section. Entries typically include guidelines on how to get started with the task, who should be consulted while working on the task, what is delivered upon completion of the task, and what other tasks this specific task may relate to.

For more information on tasks […]

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Who is Notified when I Complete a Task?

Personal Task
If the task is “Everone in Network” then every colleague that follows you will be notified as part of the Main Feed. If the task is “Private”, only the Responsible Persons and Task Approvers of the task will be notified.

Project Task
If the task belongs to a project the Task Approvers will be informed when […]

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What Are Some Situations when I Might Delete a Task?

Why delete a task?
Completed tasks are only in the “Completed view” so there’s rarely a need to delete them. There may be situations where deleting pending tasks is viable including:

The task is no longer necessary because it has been resolved in an alternate fashion.
Another colleague already completed the task.
The task is no longer timely and […]

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How Can I Reassign a Task to Someone else in Mangoapps?

Tasks that are currently assigned to you can be easily reassigned to a colleague.
To re-assign a task that is assigned to you.

Click on “Tasks” Module from the left-hand navigation or from the Sub-navigation of a Project.
Find the task that you want to re-assign click the tick box for it then select Re-assign

Choose a colleague from […]

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How Do I Complete a Task?

How to Complete or change the status of a task
Follow these steps to change a tasks status.

Click on “Tasks” from the left-hand side navigation bar Or from a projects sub-navigation bar.
Find and select the task you have finished working on and want to complete or change the status
Select your new status.

The Status options here are:

Not yet started.
Finish, […]

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How Do I Create a Task (stand Alone) for Myself?

You can create a task and assign it to yourself or someone else. This will be a stand-alone task not associated with a project.
The steps are:

Select the Compose box and pick “Create a Task” from the drop-down. You can also go to the Tasks Main Module and select “Add New Task”
Remove any project from the […]

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How Do I Create a Task and Assign It to a Colleague?

Create and Assigning a Task.
There are a number of different avenues to create and assign a task options are:

Main Tasks Module
A Projects Tasks Module
Universal Compose box

Universal Compose Box.
You can create a task and assign it to a colleague from the universal compose dialog on the top. The steps are:

Select the “Create a Task” from the […]

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