In order to prevent yourself from being distracted by IMs/chats inside a team. The network user in MangoApps may choose to mute notification for IMs/Chats from a team, that he/she is member of.
The network user can mute a team using MangoApps native app or MangoApps mobile app.

Steps to mute a team using MangoApps native app:

1. Open MangoApps native app (Windows/Mac).

2. Click on ‘Messages’ tab and select the group that you would want to ‘Mute’.

3. Once the group window opens, click on “More Options/Three dots”.

4. Select “Mute Conversation” from the drop-down list. You can select the time period for which you would like to mute the conversation. – i. 8 hours, ii. 1 Day , iii. 1 Week, iv. Until unmuted

Steps to mute a team using MangoApps mobile app:

Please refer the following screenshot:


Please note that muting a team by following one of the above steps will mute the team on the “social bar” of MangoApps web application as well.

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