f you want a tracker with its column/attributes and data to be cloned/copied from one team to another, then you can achieve this from ‘Admin Tools’ of the tracker.

*Admin tool will be visible to ‘Tracker Creator’, ‘Team admin of the team where the tracker is created’ and ‘Network admin’

Steps to clone a tracker in MangoApps:

1. Go to the tracker that you want to clone.

2. Click on three dots button (Admin Tools).

3. Click on ‘Clone’ under ‘Maintenance’.

4. A ‘Clone Tracker’ window opens up; enter the ‘Name of new tracker’  and ‘Team where the tracker will be cloned’.

5. Please note that you can clone a tracker to the new team if and only if you are member of the new team and tracker module is enabled in that team.

6. You can check:
a. “Clone data from previous tracker to new tracker” – If you want data from previous tracker to be cloned as well
b. “Notify team members of the newly cloned tracker” – If you want the team members to be notified that the tracker has been cloned in the new team.


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