You may need to categorize company posts based on the content of the post.
In order to add a category to the post, you will first need to add post categories inside the portal and then create post within that category.

Steps to view, edit and add post categories.

1. Navigate to Company module.
2. Click on ‘Tools > View Post Categories’.
3. You can edit existing category by clicking on ‘Edit’ button next to it.
4. You can delete existing category by clicking on ‘Delete’ button next to it.
5. You can create a new category by clicking on ‘Add New Category’ and clicking on ‘Add’.
6. You can create a sub-category by selecting a ‘Parent Category’ from drop-down and clicking on ‘Add’.


Steps to assign category to a post.

1. Click on Universal ‘Compose’ button.
2. Select ‘Post’ tab and check ‘Everyone’.
3. Click on ‘Switch to full page to view’.
4. Compose the post with a ‘Title’ and ‘Content’.
5. Select one of the categories displayed on right hand side.
6. Click on ‘Publish Post’ to publish a post with selected category.


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