Airbrake captures errors generated by your web applications.

This integration will allow you to receive updates into a MangoApps team for the following Airbrake events:

  • A new error occurs
  • A resolved error re-occurs


Here are the steps necessary to add the Airbrake integration.

Setup instructions to follow on MangoApps side


Step 1:

In your team (project, group or department) click on Configure Integrations in the Admin Tools (“…”) menu.

Please note: You need to be the team admin to configure Airbrake for your team.


Step 2:

Enable Airbrake in the list of integrations.

Please note: If you don’t see Airbrake, please contact your domain administrator to enable it from ‘Admin Portal > Integrations > All’ page.



Step 3:

In the Airbrake settings dialog, copy the Webhook URL that you will paste into Airbrake. Click the Save Settings  button when you are done.



Setup instructions to follow on Airbrake side

Step 1:

In your Airbrake dashboard, click on the gear icon in the top navigation.


Step 2:

On the page select Integrations from the left menu.


Step 3:

Click on Webhook from the sub-menu and paste the URL copied from MangoApps Airbrake settings dialog here. Click on Save button when you are done. Additionally you can use the Test Integration link to generate a test feed in the team and validate a working end-to-end integration is in place.


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