Easily find a specific file in MangoApps using our convenient search box feature. You can search by file name, by entering text appearing within the file, or by a specific field, such as tags or file dimensions.

Note: In order to use the search box feature in MangoApps you must at least have a “view” permission on the file.

  • Search by file name or tags:To search by file name or by tags, type or paste what you’re looking for in the search box, and then press Enter. For example, to search for a specific file, you can type some of the words in the file name, like Service Agreement.search_name_tags_big
  • Search using logical operators (AND, OR):When searching for files you can also include logical operators like AND, OR in the words that you have typed or pasted in the search box.For example, to search the content of a document, you can type some of the words that must exist along with words that are optional, like MangoApps AND Image AND Size AND Requirements AND Overview OR Dossier.Please note: The logical operators need to be entered in uppercase with a space on both sides.search_document_content_big
  • Advanced search using file dimensions:You can create advanced queries by adding multiple file dimensions to your search term. This can help narrow down results — for example, to find a file with a specific term, from a specific author, in a specific team, like MangoApps Image Size Requirements.search_logical_operators_big
  • Search by text in the document content:When searching for a file within MangoApps, you can find what you’aare looking for by entering specific keywords or sentences that appear within the file’s content.For example, to search for a file using keywords, you can type some of the words you are looking for, such as MangoApps Image Size Requirements, into the search box. After hitting search, you will see a list of results sorted with the most relevant matches on top. The search engine ranks files by how many times the content or keywords you are searching for appear in files that have been uploaded to your MangoApps. A proximity score is also used to determined and rank the most relevant files on top.Please note: Only content that the user has at minimum view permission on is searched, this includes office documents (Word, Powerpoint, Excel), text documents (.txt, .rtf) and PDF documents.inverse_search_big
  • Inverse search:You can search for files that do not match a specified search term. For example, to list files that must have some terms but do not have a specific term, like NOT MangoApps AND Image AND Size AND Requirements AND Overview.advanced_search_big
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