1. Overview
  2. Before you begin
  3. Start an approval workflow on a document
  4. Approval notification
  5. What happens after a document is submitted for approval?
  6. Editing existing approval(s)
  7. Viewing the progress of the approval process
  8. Sample scenarios

1. Overview

If you’ve ever had to obtain approval from a group of people for a project plan, a proposal, or some other important document, you probably know first hand that it can be a frustrating experience. Unless your organization has developed formal approval processes, you may be in a situation where you routinely manage the approval or review of important business documents on an ad hoc basis. You can avoid hassles like these by using the approval workflow feature available in MangoApps. The approval workflow feature allows you to send approval requests to colleagues and carefully monitor the approval process from start to finish.

The Document approval workflow feature allows approval processes to be implemented on any file published in MangoApps. The published file versions retain visibility, and the workflows themselves can be edited and applied as needed to achieve the desired mix of transparency, collaboration, and process enforcement for each document

2. Before you begin

Before you begin, make sure that:

a.    You are working with a supported web browser. Click here for the list of supported browsers.

b.    You have uploaded the file on MangoApps.

3. Start an approval workflow on a document

Starting an approval workflow is easy. Just go to the file’s details page and click on “Initiate Document Approval” button on the right hand side.

Document Approval

a.    Select from the list of active network users on your network. Documents cannot be sent to guest users for approval.

Document Approval_1

b.    This message will be sent as a private message to the list of approvers.

c.    Default permission is given to all approvers on this document. Permission can be overridden for individual approvers from the ‘share permissions’ dialog.

d.    Set a date for when approval is expected and a due date for when the approval process on the document should be completed.

e.    When the All approvers option is checked in the document’s settings,  the document must be approved by all approvers before the document can move to approved status. When unchecked, the document is marked as ‘approved’ when any one of the approvers approve. We recommend keeping it checked so that all approvers get to approve the document.

Document Approval_2

f.     When the Automatic re-send approval request option is checked in the document’s settings, a new approval request is automatically sent to all approvers when a new version of the document is uploaded. When unchecked, the new approval request needs to be manually sent to all approvers. We recommend keeping it checked so that you don’t need to remember to re-send the approver request when a new version of the document is uploaded.

g. Click on send “Approval request” to notify the approvers.

4. Approval notification

Once a document approval is initiated, a private message is sent to all approvers with reference to the document. All approvers will be added to the follow list for the document depending on the permissions that have been selected from Default permission drop-down.

An email notification (if enabled) is also sent to the approvers. This enables users to stay on top of urgent workflow approvals. Any updates to the workflow from the approvers are sent to the other approvers (if any) and the user initiating the workflow.

5. What happens after a document is submitted for approval?

  1. After submitting a document for approval, the document’s details page will display a status box showing you a list of people who must approve.
  2. If the approver requests changes to the document, they’re prompted to include a message to go with their request. That message is added to the document’s comments — comments appear under the document’s content. A document requested for change must be resubmitted (by anyone who can edit the document) for approval before it can be published.
  3. If there are multiple approvers, all of them must approve a document before it can be moved to Approved status.

6. Editing existing approval

To edit an existing workflow, click on the settings gear and then on workflow settings.

The workflow settings will allow the owner and editor of the document to:

  1. Change default permissions for all approvals on the document
  2. Ability to set/change the date by when approval is required
  3. Ability to change the “All approvers much approve the document for it to move to APPROVED status” setting
  4. Ability to change the “Automatic re-send approval requests to all approvers when a new version of the document is uploaded” setting
  5.  Ability to delete the document approval workflow

7. Viewing the progress of the approval process

If you need to document or prove that you’ve received approval for something, you can provide stakeholders with a link to the workflow history for the document, which shows who approved or requested a change to the document. In this way, the approval workflow makes the approval process more transparent. Additionally, you can also download a pdf report of the workflow audit log from the settings gear.


8. Sample scenarios

  • Purchase Request.
  • Project plan.
  • Product Manual.
  • Expense report.
  • Student course/schedule changes approved by advisor.
  • Design Approval.
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