There are two general ways to add your custom applications to MangoApps for everyone to use:

  1. As a Bookmark App from the Admin Portal
  2. Using Open APIs by registering your app in the Admin Portal

Bookmark Applications

Bookmark Applications are web pages you add to MangoApps so that everyone can access those web pages without leaving MangoApps. The Custom Application web pages are basically IFRAME elements that have a link for all users to follow.

To create a Bookmark App you need to be a domain admin follow
these steps:
1. Go to admin portal, then Modules.
2. Ensure it is enabled by going to setup and enable bookmarks App, refresh the browser.
3. While still in Modules click on More and then bookmarks App.
4. Click on New Item and fill out the options, you can add an Iframe or a URL.
Once done save and publish, now your users can use the created bookmark.


Some examples of custom apps may include:

Developer Tools and Documentation
Company Web Applications
Google Apps Widgets

Practical Example

In the following example, we’ll add the developer tool for converting UTC time to your local time zone. To begin, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you are logged in as a MangoApps Domain Administrator
  2. Navigate to the “Admin Portal” -> “Apps” -> “Bookmark Apps” -> “New Item”.
  3. Enter this in the “Application Name” textbox: “Unix to Human Time Converter”
  4. Leave the default application thumbnail or create a square image and upload it as a custom application thumbnail.
  5. Select either 1- or 2-column layout.
  6. Click Save and Continue
  7. Copy the following and paste it into the Embed Code box.<iframe style="border:1px solid #ccc; padding:0; overflow:auto; width:375px; height:250px;" src=""></iframe>
  8. Leave the Enable Single Sign On? box unchecked.
  9. Click Save.

Congratulations! You have just set up a custom app called “Unix to Human Time Converter” that your users will see and can use from the “User Portal” -> “App Store” ¬†-> “Unix to Human Time Converter”

You can test your custom app by:

  1. Enter this value: 1400850000
  2. Click the “Get Human Time” button.
  3. Verify the result is: May 23, 2014 at 13:00:00

Open APIs

The MangoApps Open APIs are designed to be RESTful and can be tested using Google’s Advanced REST Client.

The MangoApps API document contains definitions and examples of each API. A MangoApps client or functionality extension can be implemented using the APIs and most programming languages. Further support is available through MangoApps Paid Subscription Support.

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