Overview of using MangoApps APIs

Reading this Document

This document is divided into 3 sections: The API Summary Descriptions, the API Request Descriptions (Appendix A), and the API Response Descriptions (Appendix B). Each API summary with example shows the requirements for successfully using the API in your application. Things to remember include:

  • Some API requests require parameters that must be stored from a previous API response (See Utility APIs).
  • Some API requests do not require any parameter data and thus will not have a listing in the API Request Descriptions.
  • Some API requests do not generate a response with data from the server and thus will not have a listing in the API Response Descriptions.

The Basics

In using the MangoApps API set, there are some hard-and-fast rules:

  • The initial Login API success response contains the _felix_session_id as the Set-Cookie field in the response header.
  • Your application must store the _felix_session_id for reuse in subsequent API requests.
  • Every call to an API after Login must contain the _felix_session_id as a cookie in the header.
  • The _felix_session_id is does not expire until your application sends an explicit Logout API request.
  • For the curl examples, a file is used to store the _felix_session_id and it will be referred to as which you can arbitrarily define in your testing


  • The API URLs are examples.
  • You should not use mangoapis.mangoapps.com but rather your own domain URI followed by the API path and any necessary URL parameters.

Registering a New Application in your Domain

To register a new application in your domain:

  1. Use the Web Client to log into your domain as an Administrator.
  2. Navigate to the Admin Portal from the top-right corner of MangoApps under your name.
  3. Click “Integrate” -> “Open APIs” menu item.
  4. Click the “Register a new Application” tab.
  5. Fill out the Application Details form then click “Submit Registration Request”
  6. Use the API Key you are given on the “Registered Application” tab for your Login API Request.