Yammer Pricing Explained How much does Yammer Cost? Review

What the Microsoft Acquisition Means For Yammer Cost And Pricing

Yammer Acquisition

Yammer cost and pricing has become overly complicated since its acquisition by Microsoft.  If you’re confused by the change and wan to know, how much Yammer costs now, this article is for you. Yammer’s enterprise social network has gained huge popularity, largely due to its simple pricing. Yammer allows companies to try it for free for as long as they like. If they liked it, they can choose to upgrade to a premium paid version at a flat rate of $5/user/month.  Easy and straightforward right? Unfortunately, those days are over. Microsoft bought Yammer in July 2012, and less than 4 months later Yammer released new overly complicated cost and pricing guide, complete with all kinds of asterisks and fine print.

The Questions of Yammer Pricing

Does the Yammer paid plan require a 2-year commitment now? Is there still a monthly pay plan?  Do some Yammer cost and pricing plans now require my company to have a Microsoft EA agreement? What if I’m not an MSFT EA customer? What if my organization has less than 250 users?  Why are there 4 pricing plans displayed, but only 2 are actually available?

Note to large software vendors:  When your licensing/pricing is so complicated that it creates the need for new consulting companies, it might be a little too confusing. (If you need help understanding MSFT EA licensing, MSFT Advisors is one of these consulting companies).

Yammer Cost and Pricing – The Answers

The good news is that Yammer’s free trial remains relatively unchanged.  The bad news is almost everything else about Yammer pricing has changed. If you want to upgrade to Yammer’s paid plan, be prepared to sign a 2-year agreement.  Yammer customers are reporting that the low advertised price is not available without a long-term commitment, usually 2-years.  It’s unclear if there is any offer, even at a higher price, available to customers wanting a monthly option.

If you are a large organization and have a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement in place, there will be two new Yammer price plans coming in March 2013.  However, if your organization is not an MSFT EA customer, these options will not be available.

The Take-Away

If you are an MSFT EA client, don’t mind long term commitments, and your organization’s security policies allow multi-tenant shared cloud applications, Yammer may be an option for your organization. However, Yammer is likely not a fit for you if you:


If Yammer pricing or a lack of on-premise and private cloud deployment options are causing you to look elsewhere for your enterprise social network, you are not alone.  

MangoApps, provides a modern intranet solution that can fill all of your organization’s needs. MangoApps offers SMB and mid-market companies a robust enterprise social network. You can choose between social intranet and team collaboration or can implement both. Customers have a choice of deployment options, including traditional SaaS, private cloud, or on-premise.  Customers can choose monthly pay, annual pay, or perpetual licenses for on-premise. Customers can also choose their data center location when signing up to ensuring better performance and keeping their data close to home data centers. The minimum user requirement is 10 users for shared cloud or SaaS and 100 users for private cloud or on-premise. 

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