What is a digital workplace

What Is A Digital Workplace?

What is a digital workplace

What is a digital workplace?

A digital workplace is a virtual platform that helps bring together the systems, people, and content within an organization. It focuses on equipping employees with the tools they need to collaborate and communicate effectively in a single digital space.

Organizations that opt for a digital workplace are generally seeking to unify employee communications, collaboration, engagement, content sharing, and training within their company.

We are seeing a shift in digital transformation among organizations as the focus on providing an accessible digital workplace for all employees continues to grow.

A digital workplace is bridging the gap between desk and deskless workers and is helping empower your employees to collaborate and communicate with colleagues more effectively, regardless of their location.

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Benefits of a digital workplace:

A few common benefits organizations seek when switching to a digital workplace include:

  • Reduced costs. Remove those old siloed systems and bring all of your work collaboration tools underneath one umbrella.
  • Centralized employee access. Give frontline and desk workers access to the tools that can help them accomplish their daily work tasks more efficiently. Most digital workplaces come with a mobile app that allows employees to connect from anywhere.
  • Improved productivity. Empower your employees to quickly access what they want, when they want. They no longer need to rely on siloed systems, remember countless logins, or sift through different applications.
  • Improved company culture. Get employees better in touch with each other. By allowing employees to collaborate with colleagues more frequently, you’re helping build a tight-knit workforce with higher employee satisfaction levels.
Why to switch to a digital workplace

How OPW leveraged a digital workplace:

Office of Public Works (OPW), a government department in Dublin, Ireland, was looking to replace their outdated intranet platform. They had government employees dispersed across 140 locations, often leading to a disconnect in communication.

The Head of ICT at Office of Public Works, Liam Stewart, set out to find a platform that could aid the digital transformation of their workplace processes.

OPW’s main drivers for switching to a digital workplace were that they wanted a platform that could improve employee engagement, remove duplicate systems, encourage employees to contribute content, and build a strong workplace culture.

Drivers to switch to a digital workplace

After evaluating multiple options, Stewart identified MangoApps as the modern digital workplace platform that could help them accomplish their goals. Stewart recognized the value that MangoApps could bring to the organization.

Using MangoApps to solve a major roadblock

Prior to MangoApps, OPW faced a roadblock that they were struggling to hurdle. There was no way for employees to access the intranet outside of the network. Employees could only log into the intranet if they were through a computer at an office location.

As a result of this, the majority of employees were unable to access any of the material, resources, and information outside of work hours.

Not only did this create a siloed workforce, but it also meant that collaboration among colleagues was dependent on their proximity to an office location.

With a modern digital workplace platform, employees were able to leverage a mobile app and remove the confines of the stationary intranet and are able to connect from anywhere.

If you would like to learn more about how Office of Public Works leveraged MangoApps’ digital workplace platform to improve the way their employees communicate and collaborate, download the full case study.

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