Business Status Updates

How Business Status Updates Have Become the New Norm

Microblogging platforms like Twitter and Facebook are changing how people communicate…Businesses can leverage these sames shifts to benefit their employees and business productivity

With the emergence and growth of platforms like Twitter and Facebook, “business status updates” have become a new norm for how people keep in their friends, family and connections aware of what is going on and events in their lives. These personal status updates have provided instant insight into what is going on, what is coming up, and how things went. While these platforms have made huge strides in personal usage, connecting friends, family and external connections, the same valuable insight has for some reason been missing within businesses. Instead of trying to understand and leverage this new method of communicating, businesses fall back on the same tired and unproductive tools. Endless meetings, dependence on email, excessive traveling, and a general frustration and lack of clarity. How do you transition from personal status updates to business status updates? Simple, find a platform that allows you to work in the same communication style as social media. A place where you can easily update your colleagues, share and receive links, share news, ask questions, take polls, or plan events.

How to Create Business Status Updates

MangoApps can help you reap the benefits of this communication shift in the business world. MangoApps combines business status updates with real-time presence and instant messaging to provide a secure platform for groups, teams and/or entire organizations to communicate more efficiently. That means fewer meetings, less email, and more insight into what everyone else is doing. MangoApps is not just another social network, rather it is a collaborative business network for your organization that opens up the channels of communication, generates more awareness about what others are working on, and helps you reach your desired outcomes faster. If you want to see how MangoApps can help drive your organization to be more open and more effective, sign up for a free trial and give it a try.