Project Management Tips for Better Team Collaboration

This Guest Post Was Provided By Our Friends At SoftwareSuggest  A successful project completion requires skilled professionals, punctuality, a well-defined budget, and technology integration. If any one of these factors is out of proportion, the project is doomed for failure. This is the reason why around 70 percent of projects fail. But with improvisation in project […]

5 Signs Your Company Needs A Digital Upgrade

With the rapid rise of new technology in the workforce, businesses across industries are struggling to properly accommodate their employee’s growing needs. Employees today expect flexibility, freedom, and access to effective technology. Businesses that ignore these needs or fail to adapt are doomed to have a difficult time recruiting and retaining high-quality employees. But how […]

Assigning Project Tasks with Milestones – Customer Use Case

Today’s customer use case comes from Jason at Ebonexus.  We were trying to figure out a workaround for assigning project tasks to several project members for their own customer deployments. He refers to them as “New Site Creations” where several tasks needed to be handled by multiple project team members. My first thought was to use the […]

Discover Less Management With Effective Project Management Software

Traditional Project Management Software comes with a reputation of being built, designed and used by the project manager. When in fact the entire organization in one way, shape or form participates in and contributes to projects, and their success. The command and control nature of Project and Task Management within a company is something that needs an overhaul.

Get Work Done Right With Project Collaboration Software

We are always struggling to find a balance between the various commitments in support of our projects and the business. It is critical that we look for ways to leverage project collaboration tools to work smarter, not harder, in order to get work done.

3 Transformative Benefits From Increased Team Collaboration

Traditional project management software has been focused on the project manager, working to keep time lines, resources and risk in order. However, better project collaboration can be had if we look at new collaboration tools and take a communications approach to project management and task management.

Improve Your Work Experience With Easy Project Management Software

The word easy and project management software rarely go hand in hand. Hundreds of project and task management tools are on the market and rarely does easy come up when they are talked about. But why? Isn’t project management and task management at the core of what people do everyday? Shouldn’t Project Management Software be one of the easiest business software applications in the company?

Set Your Priorities With Simple Project Management Tools

Since most work is assigned through task management capabilities in project management tools, these systems need to make is easy for users to know what is due, when it’s due, and where they should focus there time.

MangoApps Launches Enterprise Microblogging and Instant Messaging – Press Release

SEATTLE, WA May 4th, 2010 – MangoApps, the leading provider of hosted social intranet and collaboration software announced today the availability of free instant messaging and enterprise microblogging modules to its MangoApps platform.  Employees can now broadly collaborate on everyday tasks through enterprise microblogging and seamlessly transition to private instant messaging conversations with a single […]