5 Ways For Companies To Reduce Email Overload

With close to 150,000 emails being sent globally every minute, it’s no surprise that the average office worker spends close to 13 hours a week processing emails. And unfortunately, many of those emails are redundant, unimportant or irrelevant to the receiver, resulting in hours of unproductive time.  So how can companies help prevent inbox bloat?  […]

How MangoApps Helps Manufacturers and Distributors Collaborate

There are a variety of ways manufacturers or suppliers partner with distributors. From joint customer sales calls to product literature and promotions, these efforts help both the vendors and the distributor increase relationships with existing customers and earn business from new ones. Distributors aren’t really employees or customers, but they are more like your business […]

How To Successfully Control Your Employee Social Network

The decision to implement an enterprise social network generates a lot of buzz at the work-place. As the champions start to pitch the concept and win-over the stakeholders there is a lot of apprehension. And the question most vehemently asked is – How will we control the enterprise social network? How can be it be […]

Employee Social Networks and Performance Management Systems

Companies today are moving from systems of transactions to systems of engagement. More and more companies are adopting enterprise social networks and adapting it to their needs. While this adaptation is paramount in leading to increased communication, collaboration and teamwork, they also have a significant impact on performance management. What is Performance Management The goal […]

Why Culture Is the Key to Outstanding Talent Management

Talent Management True talent management is about more than finding and keeping the right people. It’s also about making smart decisions that benefit both the workforce and the organization. The goal of talent management is to create a high-performance, sustainable organization that meets its objectives and strategic & operational goals. To accomplish this utilizing an […]

3 More Myths about Enterprise Social Networks

Just as public social networks have changed the way that people connect and interact, enterprise social networks can have a big impact on employee productivity and collaboration. Initially thought to be a distraction, these networks are now popping up at companies of all sizes worldwide, as companies realize the huge potential of social collaboration to pump […]

How To Calculate The ROI of Enterprise Social Software?

According to Gartner, many companies are making buying decisions about enterprise social software based on intangible value rather than the traditional tangible value of accounting based ROI calculations. While it can be tempting to rely on instinct and intuition, when it comes to business it is essential to keep the ROI in mind. Everything in an organization […]

Improve Employee Productivity With a Social Intranet

As early adopters to an employee social intranet and team collaboration software network, we can easily look back now and see how these tools have helped shape and develop our company’s own employee productivity. In fact, our company completly stopped using emails internally about three years ago. From then to now we have seen a […]

Increased Security and Enterprise Social Networks

It appears this will be the year Enterprise Social Networks hit main street.  Companies of all sizes, government agencies, educational institutes, and non-profits are all rushing to deploy private, secure social collaboration networks for internal use. These industries are all interested in real-time communication, effortless collaboration, quicker access to answers, easy file sharing, and faster information […]

How Collaboration Software Unleashes Employee Engagement.

We have all heard the joke about the CEO who when asked how many people work in his organization, replied “Oh, about half of them,” Jokes aside, employee engagement is a serious concern for businesses today.  Recent research indicates that 4 out 5 employees are not reaching their full potential and that 4 out of […]

7 Ways Guaranteed to Create Accelerated ECS Adoption

Accelerated ECS adoption is the primary goal when rolling out any Enterprise Collaboration Software (ECS) solution. This article lays out the best practices for accelerated ECS adoption to improve ROI and reach a critical mass for usage. The Challenges There are important challenges of accelerated ECS adoption and an important one is the need to documented Enterprise […]

Improve Your Experience With SharePoint ECS Integration

SharePoint is a leader in the Enterprise Content Management platform space.  However, the best SharePoint integration offerings by Enterprise Collaboration Software (ECS) leaders MangoApps, Yammer, and Jive help you to raise the bar on productivity and when the two are used together.But what should we be looking for in the best SharePoint integration by an ECS? […]

Best Team Collaboration and Social Intranet Software Vendors

The Enterprise Social Intranet and Team Collaboration Software market grew by 40% in 2011 with total sales of $767.4 million. This represents a 100% increase since 2009 with an expected continual growth projected to exceed $4.5 Billion by 2016. The best enterprise social intranet software vendors are seeing their revenues double year after year. So who are […]

Successful Small Business Collaboration Tools for the Mobile Office

It’s National Telework Week,  how are you celebrating? We live in a time where a large portion of our workforce often works remotely and is geographically dispersed.  It is estimated that the remote or mobile office will reach one billion people worldwide in 2011. So as a company, how do you manage all of these remote […]

Engaging Employees With Enterprise Social Networking

Before enterprise social networking widely existed I worked for a hospital and every year we took a Gallup survey. The survey was conducted to provide executives with an understanding of employee engagement through the organization. It included questions like, “On a scale of 1 to 5, do you feel engaged at work?” and “Do you think […]

Make More Out of Less with Business Collaboration Tools

Everyone is looking for a way to make better use of their resources. In this economy, businesses around the globe are looking for ways to save money, consolidate, maximize collaboration tools, and of course, become more profitable. Most of us are trying to do more with less. Less money, less staff, less time. How can less become more? It begins with learning how to leverage our human capital -business’s most expensive resource.

MangoApps Offers Users Budget Conscious Software

A recent article on VentureBeat highlighted an emerging challenge that companies in the Enterprise collaboration software space commonly encounter as new innovations are brought to market: how do we get customers to use actually use them?

If enterprise business software vendors are truly concerned with how their solutions will improve productivity, they need to take a long look at the pricing models for their solutions. Are they adding value release after release AND keeping the costs to customers low or are they just padding their bottom line? As the price of the solution falls, do these get passed on to the customer? We believe it is indeed possible to introduce a steady stream of innovations without raising price points. The true benefits of enterprise social software will only be realized if everyone can participate.

MangoApps Offers Companies Collaborative Email Alternatives

Stop griping about how much email we have, and instead, understand what email is actually good for, what it isnt, and and discover a better place for all those types of emails. At MangoSpring we believe there is a better place for a vast majority of business communication. That the status update is more beneficial when shared outside of an email platform. That a notice about service issues is more appropriate and more effective away from the inbox. Think about a platform where people posted status updates, shared ideas, recognized team members, provide information about projects, and indicated when they were done with a task. Those things alone if moved out of email would reduce email volume likely by 50% or more. However, it goes beyond just reducing email traffic. It is at the core of fully engaged enterprise…a culture of openness and sharing, that when adopted help make your organization be more effective and efficient…and get you access to information quicker and easier than ever before.

MangoApps Launches Enterprise Microblogging and Instant Messaging – Press Release

SEATTLE, WA May 4th, 2010 – MangoApps, the leading provider of hosted social intranet and collaboration software announced today the availability of free instant messaging and enterprise microblogging modules to its MangoApps platform.  Employees can now broadly collaborate on everyday tasks through enterprise microblogging and seamlessly transition to private instant messaging conversations with a single […]

Tasks and Project Features Now in MangoApps Software – Press Release

SEATTLE, WA (PRWEB) March 13, 2010 – MangoApp, a provider of real-time messaging and collaboration solutions, announced today the availability of Tasks and Project Teams as part of its Employee Collaboration Suite. Tasks offers users the ability to manage an individualized task list, view a colleague’s task list and assign tasks to a co-worker. Project Teams […]