3 Essential Functions of Quality Cloud Computing Security

By 2020 more than 80% of businesses are expected to move to the cloud, but the question of Intranet Security has always been the elephant in the room. Cloud is being adopted at an extreme pace with companies opting for everything from software-as-a-service to infrastructure-as-a-service. The fact is there is no service secure enough that can’t […]

SaaS vs On-Premise For Enterprise Social Network

Some other Micro-blogging solutions ignore the debate of Saas vs on-premise and only allow companies to have a cloud-based option. They believe that it is scale-able, easier to deploy and just “better.” There is no question that SaaS or being “in the cloud” is a great low-cost solution, our prices at MangoApps, prove that, but we believe that all companies should […]

A Non-Techies Guide to Understanding Cloud Computing

Working at a SaaS vendor, I often assume my work terminology is easily understood by friends and family but I was reminded just today that this is not already the case. When the topic came up while visiting my parent, I realized that my dad didn’t know what it was even though he uses it […]