MangoApps Wins Over a Retail Giant in the U.K.

With over 1,500 retail stores and 24,000 employees across the UK, A.S. Watson is a clear leader in Health & Beauty retailing.  In the UK, the conglomerate operates under the well-known brand names Superdrug, The Perfume Shop, and Savers.  Worldwide, A.S. Watson operates over 12,000 stores with 120,000 employees.

Superdrug Retail Giant Picks MangoApps Collaboration Software.

The UK business units of Superdrug, The Perfume Shop, and Savers set out to improve their internal communications capabilities.  They needed a better, easier way to get information from corporate out to the stores and the retail employees.  They needed a modern enterprise communication platform like MangoApps which also allowed employees to share feedback back into corporate, and to share successes among stores for the benefit of other locations.

Superdrug wanted a way for employees to communicate with a secure company-sponsored platform, as opposed to using consumer tools.  A built-in quiz game which tests employees on the company and product knowledge adds a Gamification component with clear learning benefits.

To ensure adoption of a large retail workforce, having an engaging interactive mobile app was essential.  Most retail employees are not issued laptops or desktops.  They use their personal smartphones to access the company intranet via the custom branded mobile app.  The mobile app needed to be fully functional allowing employees to easily access all company news, announcements, intranet pages, files, ideas, videos, forms, and more.  And the mobile app needed to be available on all popular smartphone platforms (iPad, iPhone, Android). You can Find the MangoApps Android version HERE & The IOS version HERE

Superdrug evaluated over 30 potential solutions to improve and modernize its internal communications.  In the end, only MangoApps was able to solve all requirements.

MangoApps EVP of Marketing & Worldwide Sales, Patrick Allman welcomes the new retail customer, “We’re excited to have Superdrug, The Perfume Shop, and Savers on board. We’ve focused on the mobile experience over the past several years to give mobile and retail workers the best possible experience to effortlessly receive, share, and interact. Adoption is about ease of use.”

About MangoApps

MangoApps is an employee platform that combines popular applications like Intranet, workspaces, file sharing, knowledge management, messaging, training, recognition and more into one comprehensive portal. Companies of all sizes deploy the MangoApps platform to centralize these must-have functions into one single tool. This powerful platform approach gives employees everything they need in a simple, easy-to-use interface increasing engagement, productivity, and collaboration across your entire company.