5 Employee Engagement Ideas For a Stronger Company Culture

Employee Engagement Ideas For a Stronger Company Culture

Employee engagement is an essential pillar in building a happy company culture, but companies are falling incredibly short. A recent study reported that only 15%  of employees consider themselves fully engaged at work and 85% of employees do not have an emotional connection or commitment to their company. Engaging more of your employees and, as a result, producing an effective company culture, is key to improving company productivity, profit, and overall success. So how do companies encourage employees and create a thriving environment? Here are the 5 best employee engagement ideas to increase participation, promote emotional involvement and build a stronger company culture.

Improve Internal Communication

Almost half of all interpersonal problems within an organization can be traced back to poor communication. Unclear or inappropriate communication causes employees to become frustrated and to disengage from their environment. As a result, it creates a culture where coworkers and employees no longer try to communicate together. Internal Communication and Human Resources teams need to step up their efforts in providing helpful, friendly and straightforward official communication material through emails, newsletters or other forms of internal communication. Internal communication should focus on creating and maintaining an emotional connection, not just be full of office jargon or rules to be followed. It doesn’t happen overnight, but companies can change their communication practices to encourage employee engagement and participation, creating a happier and healthier company culture.

Increase Company Collaboration

Within an office, no man is an island, and effective employee engagement depends on a culture of increased collaboration. Progressive employee software, like MangoApps, help employees communicate together by giving them a wide-reaching and easy to us technological medium. These tools provide internal social media like portals, file sharing, project and team collaboration ecosystems, and a wide variety of internal employee collaboration tools. Increasing collaboration literally get employees engaging with others, both in their physical location and throughout the company. And as employees work together they discover new friends, have more positive experiences, and naturally develop a stronger company culture.

Invest In Health and Wellness

Keeping a couple of exercise bikes and treadmills in a makeshift office gym isn’t a great employee health initiative. In order to become more invested, employees need to feel that the company cares about their wellbeing and needs. In addition to providing insurance, companies should actively invest in programs that support a healthy and well-adjusted lifestyle. These could be subsidized gym memberships, health programs, stress-busting engagement sessions like office Yoga, or holding walking meetings. Participating in healthy activities encourages happiness and creativity and are easy to take part in. As employees participate in office contests and programs, the will get the chance to engage with coworkers outside of their teams and departments and will become more united through a positive culture of health and wellness.

Foster Inter-Office Networking

Your organization may be spread out across geographies and time zones with hundreds or thousands of employees, but there is always room for nurturing healthy friendships between employees.  In addition to planning fun get together activities within each office, using employee collaboration software like MangoApps lets companies create powerful intranets and messaging platforms for all their employees to connect and converse. Interacting with people from different countries or regions creates a stronger company culture on a corporate scale as employees build a global community.

Offer Recognition and Rewards

A decent salary is no longer a direct indicator of employee loyalty. Today’s workforce has all kinds of high paying jobs to pick from, organizations need to stand out by showing their care and commitment to employees. In addition to a good salary, companies should personally engage with employees by providing regular, honest and sincere recognition for their performance and success. This recognition could be in the form of rewards, benefits, perks and much more. Employees should also be given the opportunity to recognize their coworkers and peers through some form of praise and recognition. Recognizing employees for their success shows them that engagement and hard work will pay off, and encourages a stronger company culture.

MangoApps Has The Answer

Employee engagement is the untapped opportunity for building a stronger company culture and improving corporate success. Improved engagement leads to a happier workspace and ultimately better experience for everyone. At MangoApps we help companies boost employee engagement and develop company culture through collaboration tools, project management, HR resources, enterprise social networks and more. To see how your company can benefit from an engaging modern Intranet, learn more about Mango Intranet or other MangoApps offerings, and contact us to schedule a demo today.