Benefits & Features of a Task Management Collaboration Software

Task Management Collaboration Software

The explosion of industries, organizations across the world has meant that departments have started working together across the globe on collaboration portals and Intranets and employees have begun working cross-departments on multiple projects. Employees have started taking up wider roles across the organization which makes the “to-do lists” even bigger. Post-chits and notepads are a thing of the past, very insecure and completely unorganized, with no reminders or notifications it spells disaster for an employee and an organization on the

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Hidden Features within an Intranet or Collaboration Tool


 Hidden Features of an Intranet or Collaboration Tool Gamification – This is a one-of-a-kind feature that helps drive employee satisfaction and engagement by awarding badges based on employee activity and contribution to the organization. This feature creates friendly competition and highlights top influencers and contributors. Gamification is another great feature which at times gets misconstrued with unhealthy competition and hence is deactivated or underused. Deep File Search – This feature enhances employee productivity. It allows you to search for files by title keywords but also

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Retail Giant Opts For MangoApps

Superdrug Retail Giant Picks MangoApps Collaboration Software.

With over 1,500 retail stores and 24,000 employees across the UK, A.S. Watson is a clear leader in Health & Beauty retailing.  In the UK, the conglomerate operates under the well-known brand names Superdrug, The Perfume Shop, and Savers.  Worldwide, A.S. Watson operates over 12,000 stores with 120,000 employees. The UK business units of Superdrug, The Perfume Shop, and Savers set out to improve their internal communications capabilities.  They needed a better, easier way to get information from corporate out

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What Differentiates the Best Collaboration Software from the Rest

How to software software choosing mangoapps

Most organizations have realized the need for an Team Collaboration Software or Intranet Software. Selecting one requires extensive brainstorming and decision making to choose the best software that fits all your organizations’ unique requirements. An Online Team Collaboration Software that will streamline processes, enhance employee communication and collaboration. A combination of all the many tools used by departments and employees all in one platform. Understanding how Online team collaboration tools in the digital workplace are starting to make a bigger impact

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How seamless Collaboration Tools & Modern Enterprise Intranet leads the Digital Workplace Revolution

How seamless Collaboration Tools & Modern Enterprise Intranet leads the Digital Workplace Revolution

For any business, modernization is crucial. It could be with policies, processes or practices. All this comes together with the use of Technology and digitizing your workplace. With ever expanding office locations, departments, employee, and clientele. The need to stay connected, collaborating, communicating, and engaged has become even more essential. The last eight years have seen a massive wave of digital technology that keeps people connected socially, but in the previous five years, Enterprises have realized the need of a

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Let the Game Begin! Introducing Gamification to Reward and Encourage Your Employees with MangoApps


MangoApps Collaboration Software Launches Gamification Gamification is the concept of applying game-design thinking to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging. (Gamification Wiki, 2012) Games are already an integral part of our daily lives where people appreciate the feeling of earning points and rewards with an element of fun. MangoApps takes these enjoyable aspects of games – fun, play and challenge – and applies them to your daily activities on MangoApps collaboration software & social intranet domain with

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MangoApps uniting email & enterprise social for maximum productivity


MangoApps is part of an integrated communication strategy. It co-exists with other valuable tools. By leveraging how these tools interact, you drive more effective behavior. If some people in your company don’t get on with MangoApps and would rather stick to email, we now have a solution that will make it possible for everyone to coexist and work together: Make users think they’re using email when they’re actually joining MangoApps. We’ve updated our email to feeds feature in a major

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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do with MangoApps


MangoApps is the most feature rich social collaboration platform on the market, offering hundreds of features and modules that can be tweaked to suit your needs with just a few clicks. Most of you are probably familiar with common features like search, profiles, polls, recognition’s, etc. MangoApps features run even deeper than that. Let’s look into the power of Mangoapps Collaboration software, and it’s incredible potential, we’ve highlighted five things you probably didn’t know. 1.   Custom Dimensions In addition to

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Hurdles in Social Intranet

Intranet 12

According to Cmswire, it took 30 months for Nat Geo to build one of the world’s best intranets. Since improving their intranet platform, Nat Geo has seen their employee engagement increase by a whopping 70%. Nat Geo’s statistic proves that the right social intranet platform can increase communication within a company, encourage employees to interact and share knowledge and skills, and overall streamline a company’s ability to work well as a team. So, what’s stopping the rest of the enterprises

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5 ways in getting the most out of your Enterprise Social Networks collaboration platform


A generation back, the concept of happiness at work was alien. People went to work to work and make a living. Today, the workforce seeks to be happy, engaged, productive and do meaningful work at their workplace. Research proves that, as individuals, our happiness levels depend not on our genetic makeup, or the external realities of our life, but majorly on our thoughts and our internal process. An interesting TED Talk drives home the same point here. Employees today are asking for

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