MangoApps Announces Launch of Productivity and Collaboration Application Suite For Small Businesses

SEATTLE, WA Aug 15th, 2019 – MangoApps, the leading provider of cloud-based enterprise employee software solutions, announced the launch of MangoSBS (Small Business Suite) earlier this week. Small businesses across the globe suffer from the same basic set of problems plaguing communication, productivity, and efficiency. The tools that exist on the market today to solve these problems are enterprise-focused, making them too costly and difficult to manage for a smaller organization. With MangoSBS, small businesses everywhere now have access to a complete suite of communication, collaboration, and productivity applications specifically designed to solve big problems for small businesses.

“With over a decade of experience mainly solving problems for enterprises, we found ourselves speaking more and more to small businesses that struggled to find employee software tailored specifically to their organizational needs,” said Anup Kerjiwal, MangoApps CEO. “We see that small businesses face a lot of the same communication problems as enterprises. It is echoed that these issues lead to lost revenue, reduced output quality, and a company culture that is made up of frustrated employees and low morale. Knowing that enterprise apps cannot be one-size-fits-all, the idea behind MangoSBS was born naturally. We took our existing enterprise platform and tailored the modules and feature depth to match the needs of smaller organizations, at a cost that any small business can afford.”

Modern small businesses face enterprise-sized problems and need real solutions at a scale and cost that matches their goals. With the new MangoSBS platform, smaller organizations can now easily deploy the modern and innovative tools they need, allowing them to create a connected, informed, and happy workplace. From staying up to date on company news and announcements, messaging colleagues, and collaborating on projects, to building a rich active company culture, MangoSBS provides small businesses with the means to work together to tackle enterprise problems and drive the best results. Users navigate MangoSBS from mobile, desktop, or the web, just as they would their favorite social or productivity app, making it easy to connect users regardless of their needs.

The MangoSBS platform combines employee intranet, collaboration, messaging, and learning tools into one business suite that is easy to use and administer. These tools make communication easy with company updates, collaborative spaces, instant messaging, group chat, and private messages. MangoSBS also includes task management, calendaring, file-sharing, an organizational directory with rich member profiles, and much more.

Pricing & Availability

MangoSBS is sold as a monthly subscription service and starts as low as $4/user/month. Low month to month prices come with no contract because MangoApps would like to earn your business month after month. To get a 2-week free trial or get learn more, please visit