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Successful Small Business Collaboration Tools for the Mobile Office

It’s National Telework Week,  how are you celebrating? We live in a time where a large portion of our workforce often works remotely and is geographically dispersed.  It is estimated that the remote or mobile office will reach one billion people worldwide in 2011. So as a company, how do you manage all of these remote employees?  How can you manage a workforce you don’t see?  How can you keep everyone on the same page? Finding answers to these questions drives the development of enterprise collaboration software. The quest is to unite colleagues in the mobile office with those in the physical one in spite of time and geographical boundaries and create a centralized hub for collaboration.  At MangoApps, we think we’ve acknowledged the problems of a mobile office as well as the power of SaaS software and used our expertise to create the best small business software for your organization.

Small Business Collaboration Tools that Scale

We offer a Suite of small business collaboration tools (MangoApps) to connect your mobile office in terms of communication, document and file sharing, project and task management and idea and event management. Here are some of our favorite MangoApps features.

MangoTalk– this social software for business includes integrated microblogging software, chat and instant messaging tools.  Your workforce can communicate from anywhere on either desktop, web or mobile applications.

MangoTasks– task management software for real-time collaboration. It offers a simple, new approach to task management. In MangoTasks, all to-do list items are team aware, enabling team members to view and follow tasks and be automatically notified when the status of a task changes.  You can keep people informed of your progress no matter where you are.

MangoProjects– this agile project management software with project management tools allows employees to focus teams on a specific goal, assign tasks and upload documents. Teams can chat publicly, instant message privately, create instant polls or place voice calls all with a single click of the mouse.  This can all be managed and accomplished even if the team is global dispersed.

MangoDocs– With this document management software you can streamline workflow by assigning tasks to approve, review or update.  You can also centralize all types of files, eliminate restrictions on sending large files, and connect your teams through online document collaboration. You’ll never have to worry about long email chains or if you have the most recent document.

MangoIdeas-idea management software designed to help your company manage ideas from concept to completion. All ideas and employee innovation from the entire organization can be authored, shared, commented on and ultimately realized. MangoIdeas helps your business establish an innovation management process that moves you away from ideas on post-it notes and back and forth emails.

MangoEvents-is online event management that uses the microblog and your wall to promote and socialize your company events or training. You can even invite industry partners outside your company and domain/network with MangoEvents online too.

The best part of MangoApps, is that you can customize your small business collaboration tools to fit the needs of your business.  Maybe you only need MangoTalk and MangoDocs to connect your remote salesforce.  If you find you need additional solutions you can easily integrate them to create an even more liquid workflow to your day.  You can also choose web based or hosted small business team collaboration software. Perhaps the most appealing part of MangoSuite Small Business Collaboration Tools is that you can afford to implement it to the entire company, not just those at the executive level.  Celebrate National Telework Week by giving your employees the tools they need to Telework successfully and seamlessly.