The Serenity of Using MangoApps Enterprise Social Suite

This is a topic near and dear to our hearts here at MangoApps and is often debated as best of breed vs. enterprise social suite. If you ask anyone about which product is better, you’re sure to get a strong opinion from either side but in reality, as with most things, it just depends on what you’re looking for. When it comes to MangoApps, we decided to create a well-structured enterprise social suite with applications that work extremely well independently and also provide a multiplicative effect when integrated.

MangoApps decided early on that we were going to provide a full set of well thought out, nicely integrated, real-time enterprise collaboration tools. Our negative experiences in the past were with the traditional enterprise vendor model was part of what inspired us in the first place. We didn’t want any part of picking a product silo and building obscure features in that silo. In other words, we decided to follow the 80/20 rule when it came to the feature-sets of various MangoApps modules and instead chose to differentiate MangoApps based on its fundamental approach to seamlessly integrate new and existing collaboration paradigms, unified user experience, and open application architecture in the¬†enterprise social suite.

While there were a lot of reasons why we moved away from the current enterprise vendor model, one of our biggest motivators was of our oven experience with vertically-focused enterprise software. While we believe that it all starts out with good intentions, it quickly becomes bloated and morphs into something unmanageable and out of control. To understand why this happens, you have to understand how vertically-focused enterprise software vendors make money. Most of their profit comes through support contracts and by selling users updates or newer versions of existing products. So in order to justify another update, they add additional features to the program. After all, no one is interested in a new version of the software that does the exact same thing.

When vendors fall into this pattern they become stuck in an endless cycle that tends to promote nothing but unnecessary and excessive features (there are of course exceptions to this, SalesForce for example. We personally admire SalesForce for trying to expand into a new product category through its Chatter offering and not continue to overbuild SalesForce CRM system and turn it into another Siebel)

We looked around at all of the horizontally applicable products (from document management to idea management to performance management to real-time messaging systems) and didn’t find a single reason why the software needed to be so complex, expensive and siloed. So, from the very beginning, we wanted to make that important distinction and avoid the trap of building anything and everything into the software, often at the expense of simplicity and a tightly integrated user experience. We didn’t want our customers to have to spend months trying to install and set up the enterprise social suite, hire consultants to integrate the system, hold on-going training sessions and have confused employees constantly trying to learn how to use it.

MangoApps Enterprise Social Suite was built to provide the richness of Facebook while maintaining the simplicity of Twitter and focuses on integrating applications well within the overall collaboration framework.

enterprise social suite

Our applications do everything employees need to collaborate effectively and efficiently. ¬†We believe that providing a simple, seamless, integrated set of services provides for a multiplicative effect that no amount of features in the so-called “best of the breed” products can ever come close to. Having said that, we do recognize of course that there are instances where you need to have some of the horizontal tools we have built in MangoApps to provide for a deeper set of functionalities. For those cases, MangoApps offers easy enabling/disabling of built-in modules, a full set of APIs, a plugin-based integration model and comes with full source code so that our customers can integrate these specialized systems they may already have. So, who wins when it comes to the contest of MangoApps vs best of breed? We’re confident once you give it a try, you’ll agree with us that the MangoApps approach of an enterprise social suite is far superior to the bloated and siloed software enterprise vendors have been selling for decades. Give our free demo a try today.