Say So Long to In-Person Meetings With Online Project Management Tools

How many hours and resources are regularly used trying to get everyone together for a simple status project update? Online project management tools provide a single place for project management and task management to occur, allowing all of those hours previously spent in meetings to be used getting actual work done. Online project management tools help keep everyone on the same page. They work by taking valuable communications out of old and inefficient systems and instead puts them into a social business system that is focused on visibility and transparency.  Say goodbye to those status meetings, and let these new tools work for you.

Task Status Updates

At a task management level, users who are assigned tasks can quickly update their assignments in real time. This builds accountability among team members and alots everyone the responsibility and simplicity of updating their individual activities in a single location. Online project and task management tools also provide an easy mechanism for team members to keep everyone on the team updated on their tasks.  From small bits of progress, to a major milestone, to being complete or even falling behind.  Every team member should be engaged in the system and updating everyone else with how they are progressing.

Weekly Status Reports

A lot happens within a week. In addition to completing assigned tasks, online project management tools encourage users to provide a weekly long-form post that summarizes the week’s activities, challenges, opportunities and upcoming events. With weekly status reports, you provide a mechanism to both reflect and plan at the same time. You will be able to reflect back on what was accomplished during the week and at the same time plan forward to try and determine where the next focus area should be.

Open Activity Feed

With online project management tools, both task updates and weekly status reports can be viewed in a single activity feed.  The feed is open and visible to all, from project manager to individual team members to the CEO.  The more open the feed, the more awareness there will be on both challenges as well as successes.  By taking a communication and collaboration approach to your project and task management, you focus less on control and more on the empowerment of the team members.  The open activity feeds can simply be their stream of consciousness for their projects.  They can quickly and easily see what everyone is doing, as well as share their own experiences.

These are three simple ways you say bid farewell to time-consuming status meetings.  Why go through the effort of coordinating schedules and wasting time and instead of simplifying the process through online project management tools. Let the updates happen in real-time and always have the status when you need it.  With online project and task management tools, you have a single location for everyone to keep each other informed and engaged about the progress of projects.