3 Tools to Master Project Management For Remote Teams

The workforce is more remote than ever so it’s important that project management software that allows for project management and task management to happen anytime, anywhere is utilized within these organizations.

In today’s economy having a workforce scattered around the country or world is just a reality.  From big corporations to small business, the workforce has become more remote than ever. This is part of the reason why successful project management software is so important. Task and project management for remote teams allow work to happen anytime, anywhere and are well utilized within global or geographically stretched organizations. Getting remote workers on the same page and working together to deliver results on their projects should be simple and easy. When looking for project management software there are three key considerations that will help keep the remote workers engaged in a system even while away from the office.


Smartphones have provided capabilities like never before to connect people, information and data together quickly.  Make sure your project management for remote teams includes mobile interfaces that workers can access when and where they need to.  This should extend to multiple platforms so that your workers have the flexibility they need to provide status and task updates and to communicate with team members using whatever device they need across the system.


The remote workforce is on the go and project management for remote teams needs to be easy to use so they can get in and get out quickly.  Make sure that your system has thought through this through so that access to information is easy and seamless.  Don’t make it a burden for remote employees to provide updates or do their job. Doing so will only result in frustration or possibly even bad or incomplete information.


Since accessibility to the project management solution is the lifeline for remote workers, we strongly encourage a cloud-based solution where high availability is the vendor’s core competency.  If hosted and run internally you introduce a number of factors that could hamper availability, creating problems and mistrust from your remote teams.  If you are unable to deploy a fully cloud-based solution, then make sure you think about your remote users and find a way to make the process simple to access and easy to use.

Project Management software solutions may not always be in your top tier of applications for your business, however, for your remote users, this is critical for what they do.  When looking at project management and task management solution for your organizations, make sure that their experience is a good one.