Discover Less Management With Effective Project Management Software

Traditional project management software is built, designed and used by the project manager. This method increases unnecessary management and seriously neglects a large number of its users. In one way or another, the entire organization participates in and contributes to projects and their success.  The command and control nature of project and task management needs an overhaul.  Today’s collaboration tools enable a new kind of working environment that blends communication with cooperation and collaboration and introduces more work with less management. With a focus on execution and communication, project teams can be better at what they do and focus on achieving success.

This new mindset is a big shift for today’s project manager.  Project management software has, of course, improved over the years but has still failed to help the team members involved in the efforts. While online project management software has simplified and centralized project reporting, team member status updates still tend to be unimproved. With the emergence of modern collaboration tools, today’s project manager needs to start thinking about how to improve their team members’ experiences and ultimately introduce less management.

If you think about it, a project manager is only as successful as his or her team. With this in mind, it makes a lot of sense to focus more on team members and to spend time determining how to help them do their best. By taking a more collaborative and communication approach to project management software, project managers can in fact get more out of their team.  They can help create an environment that builds greater team and individual awareness and provides a mechanism for instant sharing and status updates. Project managers can operate with less management and can focus their efforts on executing a plan.  With resources becoming more and more scarce within an organization and project managers being asked to do more with less, ensuring that team members are engaged and not overwhelmed is critical to the entire team’s success.

There is a huge opportunity for both project managers as well as project management software. We encourage you to focus less on the traditional command and control style of project management and let team members concentrate on execution.  Consider project management software that enables and empower employees to be accountable and communicate and collaborate in ways that match their working styles. Let team members focus more on execution and less on management.